Banks Giving Loans to War veterans (WBD) – VA home Loan Application

As of June 2018, there are three best consumer loans. The first from the bank “OTP”, you can take one of the minimum loan amounts – from 15 000 rubles. With moderate percentages. The second bank is Vostochny with the lowest interest rate, the third is the larger one with simplified conditions for receiving from UBRD. Below are considered TOP-3 banks with a short online questionnaire (filling time up to 30 seconds), with a minimum package of documents (only a passport is needed) and a decision within 1 day. To increase the probability of obtaining it is recommended to submit online applications to 3 banks. The filling time is 30 seconds.

If you are considering an average loan size of 25,000 rubles. And at the minimum interest rate, the best option would be to provide a bank “Vostochny” with a short online questionnaire.

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If you are considering a consumer loan for an average of 50,000 rubles, then the best solution is to apply to the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which has a minimum interest on average amounts.

Granting preferential loans to banks Veterans of hostilities directly depend on state support programs for participants, which are adopted at the legislative level. Despite the fact that there are social benefits and payments for veterans, there are no state programs for lending today. Special offers exist only for participants of the accumulative mortgage system of housing provision (military mortgage).

The terms of military mortgages are practically the same for banks, so choosing a Texas VA approved lenders follows the convenience of servicing in a bank. The best loans for war veterans with the lowest interest rate from VTB 24 and Gazprombank.

The main requirement for the borrower is that he is a participant in the accumulative-mortgage system (NIS).

Documents for the loan:


Certificate of the NIS;

Documents for the purchased real estate.

Confirmation of solvency is not required. You can buy an apartment in a new building, on the secondary market.

Scheme of the program:

The NIS account accumulates contributions, which the state lists.

After 3 years, the amount accumulated in the account can be used to pay the initial installment of the loan.

While the borrower continues the service, the mortgage is paid out of the funds transferred from the savings account.

An indispensable condition is the insurance of the property.

What consumer loans can get WBD

Veterans of military operations that are not servicemen can draw up a consumer loan, a credit card, use mortgage programs, accreditation, commodity loans, etc.

The conditions for obtaining credit are sufficient solvency and a positive credit history. The calculation of income takes the pension received by the veteran, other social payments.

Easier and faster to issue a credit card of the bank. For its registration, it is not required to collect documents, it is sufficient to have a passport and a certificate of WBD.

Tinkoff Bank

The bank’s credit card has the following parameters:

Interest-free period of 55 days, cash withdrawal is not covered;

The rate of 15-19.9% ​​on purchases, 30-49.9% on cash withdrawals;

The amount of the monthly minimum payment is up to 8%;

Service cost 590 r. in year.

The card is issued completely online. The bank takes the decision on granting the loan on the day the application is received. It takes up to 7 days to produce the card, it is delivered by courier service.


For issuance of the “HALVA” installment card, a passport is sufficient. With it, you can make daily purchases in installments up to 12 months, while paying an initial fee is not required.

The maximum limit on the card is 350 thousand rubles, if the card has its own money, they accrue interest on the balance at a rate of 6.5% per annum.

Alfa Bank

The popular card “100 days without interest” offers optimal credit conditions: more than 3 months of interest-free use, a rate of 23.99%, a credit limit of up to 300 thousand rubles. There is no commission for withdrawing cash, annual service costs from 1190 rubles. The application is issued online, the client must come to the bank for receiving the card.

VTB 24

The bank offers classic, gold, platinum credit cards. They are issued in three currencies, they are convenient to pay abroad.

The maximum credit limit is 1 million rubles, the grace period is 50 days, the rate is 26%, free service. The user can add additional options to the card monthly, allowing to accumulate points from different purchases and to pay for them during subsequent acquisitions using a card.


Credit card for travelers has the following parameters:

The credit limit is up to 600 thousand rubles;

Interest free period up to 50 days;

The rate is from 23.9%;

Free maintenance;

Cashback up to 10% on individual purchases and 2% on all purchases on the card;

Validity period is 3 years.

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