Coffee Cup – The Westwing Guide

A life without coffee? Almost impossible ! One of our favorite drinks, which we drink every day at home and in the office. What would your coffee break be without a nice coffee mug?

Who has not already burned their fingers with the cup of the coffee machine? A cup or glass is not really suitable for your hot drinks, be it tea, hot chocolate or coffee. This is why you absolutely need a coffee mug specially made to simply enjoy your delicious Branded Coffee Cups

Types of Branded Coffee Cups

If you drink coffee from time to time in this case you probably do not need a special cup. But if you are a regular drinker, then it may be good to choose a proper coffee cup. If you want your coffee to stay warm for as long as possible, you might want to take a thick-walled coffee cup, made of high quality ceramic or porcelain . in general the porcelain and white service.

The classic models come with a handle that allows not to burn your fingers while holding the cup. But the coffee cup can come without handle! Indeed some models simply have a silicone strip, slip resistant , which can hold the cup without problems.

Cappuccino cup

For a cappuccino, foam is of course the most important point. Thus, the cup of cappuccino must be wide so that all the foam remains stable and does not flow from the cup. In addition, it is usually smaller than a regular cup and contains about 15 cl.

Espresso cup

Nothing better than an espresso cup to savor this one. All these cups are made to keep the espresso hot longer. They are also suited to the ideal amount for a strong but tasty espresso . Nothing worse than a bitter coffee!

To have all types of Branded Coffee Cups  you can get a coffee service ! You can enjoy any type of coffee and you will also have a beautiful piece of decoration.

If you want a whole coffee service, you can find it in the form of a box. On the Internet, a multitude of brands offer Branded Coffee Cups  which can be the object of a complementary accessory of a coffee service. You can buy it online like many other products, glasses for example. Fill your virtual cart and delivery will be done a few days after your payment. Some promotions are only available on the internet, so you will benefit from a good price for this product, compared to shop prices.

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