Our Tips For Hair Removal Of The Shirt!

Are you going to go on vacation soon or are you just a fan of intimate hair removal? We give you all our tips for a perfect jersey!

Subject still taboo in our society, we wanted to know what were the habits of the Belgians in the matter of depilation of the jersey. According to a survey conducted by iVox and RTL.be, 28.9% of women have a permanently shaved sweater, 33.4% are shaved several times a year, 9.8% only for holidays, 4 , 3% once a year. Most importantly, according to the study, 23.7% of women never resort to intimate hair removal.

 Discover the best method for a complete hair removal

The depilation of the jersey, not just a woman’s question

An article published a few weeks ago revealed that men’s complete hair removal has become very trendy! A show in Manhattan also said that 70% of its weekly turnover comes from intimate waxing for men.

We wanted to know if this trend had already crossed the Atlantic. Well according to the survey iVox and RTL.be, if we are not there yet in Belgium, manners already seem to evolve well. Indeed, if 67.6% of men say they never Brazilian Wax the shirt, they are still 15.3% to do it several times a year, 10.2% all the time, 3.8% only for holidays and 3.1% once a year.

>> Brazilian men’s Brazilian Wax in full swing

A hair removal for all tastes

Do you want to make a small cut to your pubis? You are spoiled for choice:

– For those who want to start quietly, opt instead for the depilation of the classic jersey: neither too short, nor too long, just enough to clear the pubis so that nothing exceeds the panties.

If you go on vacation or you are followers of lower indented, switch to bikini shirt mode , a little shorter than the classic.

– Then there is the famous ” subway ticket ” which consists of a horizontal band wher only the hairs that are on the front of the pubis are preserved. If this mode of epilation of the shirt is one of the most common, it is very hygienic and very easy to maintain. Another slightly shorter variant is called Brazilian hair removal .

The more adventurous or refractory hair will have recourse to the. While this is not the easiest to maintain, some have adopted for hygiene issues but also because this mode of hair removal provides subtle sensations when contact with clothing or sex.

The most whimsical of you will choose the custom hair removal . A pubis in the shape of heart, stars or a small discoloration, … that’s enough to spice up your relationship!

Tips for a perfect jersey Customized


Discoloration, adding shine … Hair removal is not enough, and nothing is too good for the shirt. In the United States, women are asking more and more specific treatments for their pubis.

Hollywood actress Jennifer Love Hewitt drew the public’s attention to her private parts some time ago, claiming that she had decorated her pubic with Swarovski crystals: “It shone like a mirror ball.”

According to the blog StyleList specialized, this type of post-hair removal decoration has been made popular by the New York beauty institute Completely Bare Spa.
Customizing his pubis with brilliants seems the most innocent act of this trend: pubic discoloration would be all the rage in the United States, as the laser facelift, to tighten the skin, in plastic surgeries.

An array of strange products supports this trend, such as pink paint on the pubic area, refreshing mints for the vagina and deodorants. The BellaSugar blog also states that the Stript Brazilian Waxing Near Atlanta GA Bar in San Francisco now offers “pubic care”, with cleansing, exfoliation, ingrown hairs, masks and creams

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