Looking for devis référencement for web services ? Do you need a quote to evaluate the costs and proposals of different SEO providers? Here we detail you how we go about making an SEO quote , and how you need to get involved to make the right choice for your business. SEO is not magic. It is a practice that is within the comprehension of all, and that every entrepreneur or communication officer should master at least on the main lines. A site at the top in Google brings you every day “free” customers … What’s more pleasant? To achieve this ideal, you must build a credible strategy for your site.

The tasks traditionally provided for in SEO quotes

  1. The choice of keywords Working devis référencement requires first to list the keywords on which you want to position. Often, this work requires time and thought, because there are many more strategic terms than you can imagine at first … The number of keywords considered for your activity will have a strong impact on the final price. An SEO quote is also a preliminary assessment of the number of keywords that interest a given website … 2. Audit and technical optimization Auditing is a central element of SEO quotes . The audit is a bit like the “trademark”, the proof of competence of an SEO agency. However, there are three things to say:

In most cases, the audit is only a recommendation, in which the agency will indicate the technical elements to be improved on your website. You will then have to implement this audit by asking your web agency (the one who created your site) to solve the problems identified. In general, the devis référencement  company offers at least assistance for the implementation of recommendations.

An audit can be more or less provided and more or less oriented according to the “culture” of the agency that proposes it. For example, some SEO agencies do not deal at all with the issue of links pointing to your site,

Buying / Selling: The agency will take care of buying links for your site.

The exchange: the agency will conclude exchanges of links between your site and those of quality partners.

Negotiation: the agency will try to obtain free links by proposing to the partners interesting contents.

The linkbaiting: much rarer, it is to imagine original things to put on your website, which will naturally attract links to your devis référencement . is one of the rare agencies that offers this type of service.

  1. Position and traffic analysis Position analysis allows you to follow, week by week, the evolution of the positions of your site on Google, on each keyword defined as strategic. Traffic tracking allows you to know if the SEO of your site has improved the number and quality of visits to your website

Referencing your own website?

According to us, the best proof of the skills of an SEO expert or a natural SEO agency is the natural referencing of his own website.If on a set of keywors related to its activity, the SEO agency is in the top 3 natural results, so she knows devis référencement

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