Great idea: digital photo printing on canvas or furniture!

Printing a favorite photo on furniture is no longer a problem! Create a personalized and unique style inside. One of the surest ways to do this is to introduce digital photo printing into the interior. Enjoy the following ideas!

Digital photo printing on kitchen cabinets

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Digital technologies are not new in te world of interior design, but in recent years they have gained tremendous popularity and have become more accessible. It is no longer a problem to print a favorite photo on the worktop, cupboards or kitchen backsplash , to take the pattern of the wallpapers on the damask fabric of the sofa or on the glass of the interior door, to “paint” an artist’s decorative panel on the wall or ceiling.

Digital photo printing on the cushions

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Digital photo printing has become a lasting feature of the furniture, wood and textile industry. Therefore, it is used in the design of parquet, friezes, ceramics, furniture, doors, curtains and fabrics for the interior. Major manufacturers are developing special design collections based on digital printing , but that’s not all. Following the development of technologies, now it is quite possible and affordable to order a single digital image and choose, on your own, on which details of the interior to print it.


The principle of the method

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The UV printing is carried out as follows: the ink in the special machine for digital photo printing is treated with ultraviolet radiation, polymerized and solidified. With this technology, the image can be attached to any surface.

Beautiful upholstery fabrics thanks to digital photo printing

digital photo printing canvas-sofa-cushionsView in gallery

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Unlike traditional printing, which is influenced by the rough surface and makes visible all the unevenness of the surface, digital photo printing is non-contact. It “manages” the irregularities and deformations, after which the printing is impeccable in all the zones of operation of the printer. Digital printing offers an unlimited variety of colors and textures and has a flexibility unknown until now. Even in large industries, the change in vision is done entirely digitally, without interrupting the production process.

Advantages of digital photo printing: 1. High quality image

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The ink stays on the surface and is not absorbed by the material. This provides a realistic image, even when printing images of artistic value : site

  1. Impressions are very resistant to sun, dust, water and grease

digital photo print kitchen backsplashView in gallery

They can be placed, without any problem, on the wall of the shower in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the door of entry, on the walls giving to the south and to the west. The digital image is used successfully by manufacturers of parquet and ceramic products that are generally treated with chemicals.

  1. Images on almost all types of materials

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The main advantage of digital photo printing is that it allows precise application of images on almost all types of materials – wood, plastic, glass, textiles, stone.

  1. Unlimited choice of decorations

digital photo printing canvas-cover-cushionsView in gallery

The great contribution of digital photo printing in interior design is the unlimited choice of decorations that can be included throughout the project and, in this way, personalize the furniture and make it unique. For now, it’s one of the most economical and flexible ways to respond adequately to the rapidly changing trends in the interior.

Great vintage style sofa and cushions

digital photo printing cushions fabric sofaView in gallery

Printing is possible even on the carpet

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