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BILLARD (sum) [bi-liar, ll wet, and not bi-yar; the d does not bind: an elegant billiard say: an elegant bi-llar; the plural s does not bind: elegant billiards, say: elegant bi-liar; however many bind the s: elegant bi-llar-z]

  1. Formerly crooked stick with which one pushed the balls, and also cue.
  • The goal is a proud heart; the ball, a poor lover; The pass and the billiards, that’s what one practices To touch as soon as possible the object of his love ( LA FONT to Madame de la Fayette, by sending him a small billiard )
  1. Game played with ivory balls on a table surrounded by padded edges and covered with a green carpet.

The table on which we play.

The room in which is the billiards. Let’s go up to billiards.

Small billiards, portable billiards.

  • This billiard table is small, do not take it less; I will prove by good witnesses that formerly Venus had made a similar thing for her son; This pleasure occupied love and laughter ( LA FONT, to Madame de la Fayette ) .
  1. Iron used to fix the racket of the box.

Billiard of earth, sort of game which consists of to file one or two rings in earth, to then pass there small balls or balls which one rolls with a pallet.

  1. Hunting term. Piece of wood terminating at the tip of one end and curved on the other, which is used by the fowlers.
  2. Marine term. Round iron bar whose big end looks like a best pool sticks of billiards.


14th century – After having carved a car or billiards the innkeeper on the arm, as long as he hoped that he [the innkeeper] would hold the fist ( Lett of Remission, Arch of Sense, funds of St Remy; )

15th century – Very strong you have combated And I have my neat billet ( CH D’ENT.. Ronda. ) – And what is a best pool sticks  (VILLON. Small Testament)

16th century. – I beg you to send us a game of billiard and another game which is called the hole Madame ( DE LABORDE Enamels, 165 )


BOURGUIG. billiards, lame, because the lame walk with a stick which is said billiards. Billiard is properly a cross-breech and comes from ball in the sense of piece of wood (see BALL 2 ): and the name of the current game comes from the tail, which was and said a billiard or stick.

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