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In SEO, the creation of Backlinks to sites and content that I have to reference is the job that I appreciate the least. Find good SEO spots with good PR, then make content (even short) to drag its links on good anchors. Then wait for the publication and the sounding and stumbling result in the Google Serps. For a long time I have been trying to gain more autonomy with respect to backlinking in my SEO work.

My research work in search engine optimization company has therefore been directed towards the compensation of a deficit of incoming links the game of other levers such as:

The architecture and structure of the site

Quality and structure of contents

Optimization of the visible code / text ratio

The client and server performance of the site

Compliance with standards

The semantization of contents

Dissemination of content on social networks

I now have the management (more or less distant) of old sites that violate almost all these “good practices” and yet they stand well in the engine results and on very competitive requests. We will see here the action and the benefit that we derive from the seniority of a site and the links established over time which constitute the authority of a site on certain subjects in the eyes of the search engines.

On a site freshly posted, no seniority and no authority. Backlinking is the perfect way to artificially create this missing authority. search engine optimization company Another advantage of marketing SEO in Houston Backlinks is its speed of action. In general, there will be no waiting weeks for the result of his work.

If one adds to that a unique character and a good quality to the contents / targeted site, there should not be too much trouble to reach the objectives of visibility desired.

My experiment on a referencing happening (as much as possible) of Backlink was exerted first on the “container” and its structure, ie the site and its architecture then on the structure, quality and the semantisation of content.

The site architecture: Conclusion:

In the last few months, I have posted several sites that meet these criteria, without SEO services, I notice that despite all these websites are very well positioned compared to their competitors, I mean at the top of the first page on very competitive queries. These sites (competitors) all benefit from 2 to 5 years of seniority and many backlinks and for some the content is rich and frequently updated.

I am happy to see my customers position themselves in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place on targeted and competitive queries without. For some of them I assume editorial animation of their site and again I can notice the reactivity of the grain engines that I give them to grind.

Indeed, on this globally optimized basis, Google seems to highly recommend all articles that corroborate its initial ranking. Sure, the (good but rare) backlink is very effective, however, the intelligence (artificial) of our dear engines seems seduced by the care that is brought in the publication of the contents.

Add to that a little SMO and a little patience

In short, the content is King especially if he is well dressed and I admit to appreciate cutting and sewing tailor-made

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Olivier, you are absolutely right to use DIVs rather than tables. My comment on the “Acute Divinity” is the profusion of div serving the layout to position or style various elements of the content of a web page. It is common to find in the html templates DIV inheritances nested in each other and without semantics. This is a facility that undermines the efficiency of your site both in terms of performance and SEO. A solid and efficient architecture is economical in elements. CSS can do a lot to help make light and robust site structures. In addition, the text / code report is improved and thus enhances your indexable content by search engines.

Olivier Bonneel – Note for the article

Regarding the structure, you talk about acute Divite. What is the best structure for a site? I only use div, I ban the layout table. Right or wrong?

Xtendo: internet services

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