List of 10 Faults to Quote in Job Interview


This is a classic and a must in a jobz pk interview: ask the candidate to list its flaws. He must then be able to innovate in order to stand out from the other postulants. Put yourself in the shoes of a recruiter who continually hears the same flaws…

Remember that a defect must have a background of reality and that it is important to avoid that they are too close. You must engage the recruiter’s interest.

Be careful to adapt your defects according to the position. Indeed, it would be bad enough to be shy for a commercial for example. Here is our top 10 list of defects (in alphabetical order) to help you get some ideas.

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Explain that you like long-term projects with personal development prospects. But be careful, it is not enough to say that you will be the next CEO of the company in which you apply in 6 months … Be careful with this particular defect.


By asserting this defect, you will also highlight your decision-making abilities. This could be for a management position for example. Do not hesitate to counterbalance by saying that you work to improve your listening.


This will demonstrate your sociable side and tell the recruiter that you know how to integrate. It will also highlight your sense of communication.


Do not forget to indicate that despite everything you always find yourself there! Despite your sense of particular rank, specify that you lose nothing and that you know how to follow and follow procedures.

Trouble asking for help

Obviously you show that you know how to be autonomous. Even if it could be considered a communication problem, it shows above all that you like to understand and master all of your processes.


Tell the recruiter that this is a strong lever for your motivation. When you measure the interests of a project, you are fully focused on it.


At first a recruiter would not appreciate this defect. Take this opportunity to highlight your desire to do well while specifying by examples, what slowness brings as an advantage. Obviously this is not to use for all positions where a speed of execution is sought.

Lack of distribution

Say that this concerns both the professional world and everyday life. Again it is important to specify that you work this weak point. For example, that you participate more and more often in discussions (and sometimes stormy sometimes) with your entourage.


The goal is not that you seemed associable anyway! Drag the discussion to the fact that you prefer to make your own opinion rather than stupidly follow the flock.


Highlight to the recruiter that you often consider the worst issues for a project. You will also indicate that you take the time to fully analyze a situation before you start and that you are more cautious than the majority.

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