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The best part about working at IMI is 100% the way of life in our two workplaces. It’s extremely easygoing and inviting, so you absolutely never feel senseless for making inquiries or making yourself heard. Never standoffish, and all the time with the best upbeat hours and office trips on account of our wonderful customers we get the chance to work with.


At times the rudiments of utilizing GoTo Meeting get away from our representatives, however you simply feign exacerbation and get on with the day in an indistinguishable manner from when your grandparents charmingly can’t sort on a touchscreen. We’re improving.

Alternate surveys/remarks about work/life adjust are substantial, on the grounds that most everybody is extremely profession centered and has bunches of responsibility and pride in what they do, and need it done well. … Show More

Guidance to Administration

The straightforwardness about the organization’s vision and guide have dependably been valued. Our Organization gatherings are constantly open and candid, and prepared to take Q’s from all workers, which is awesome.

I have been working at Web Advertising full-time


  • Free Breakfast on wednesdays
  • boundless PTO
  • Summer Fridays (might be ceased)


– Medical advantages were a noteworthy liven up until a week ago. Premiums have expanded definitely and fringe benefits like Here and now Inability have vanished.

– No administration from top down. Executive group is a joke. Totally detached from the working drones.

– Chief and President are excessively distracted with “pet undertakings” to run the genuine organization.

– President would rather spend huge amounts of $$$ on Sonos frameworks (on the grounds that … Show More

Guidance to Administration

Get a genuine Chief and President with vision. Quit doing shady stuff.

I have been working at Web Showcasing full-time (Not as much as a year)



IMI puts more vitality into making an extraordinary organization culture than the past 2 offices I worked with. They make a decent showing with regards to encouraging open doors for us to develop in our own particular subject matters as well as. In general, great individuals.


This is more about office style of work than about IMI. Similarly as with all offices, the workloads can change radically at whenever. Be set up to work during that time once in for a short time.

Guidance to Administration

Stay with up the straightforwardness. Its been incredible up until this point and it has made a decent group culture.

I have been working at Web Promoting full-time (Over a year)

I adore each and every individual I work with, and the organization culture is wild. There’s a decent scope of customers in various businesses to work with, which keeps you on your toes and doing intriguing errands. In spite of the fact that there is a Ton of progress going on, I believe it’s a decent indication of new beginnings and new open doors for everybody to develop.

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There is by all accounts a great deal of movements in administration in the time I’ve worked here. A few instruments, similar to time following and assignment administration, are not as much as ideal for the work we do, and can influence the workplace to feel prohibitive.

Moreover, subsequent to working here a year+, I have had no development in pay or position, despite the fact that I have gone up against more senior-part obligations. It appears offices sitting nearer to administration …

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Exhortation to Administration

Thoroughly consider executing new strategies and apparatuses for the organization, as embracing new techniques at regular intervals can wind up plainly overpowering.

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