Couple Therapy The Couple Place Of Power Of Transformation


and healing the relationship

Change is always one now. I suggest you live it, accompanied, in a protective environment, for an adventure of transforming intimacy. The crises that the couple goes through can become growth to deepen the desires, the needs, the mysteries of relationships. It is the enlightenment and reaffirmation of our commitment to love. Meetings are not random and are not for nothing. We will enjoy every moment. The present relationship will be put to use (in the authenticity and the good will) to discover a little more the secrets of our links and to find the choice of love in order to learn to better live the happiness of the life. I wish you a great success for a new relationship in the consciousness, blooming, where develop your potential of love.

Couple therapy

Our relationship is a living laboratory for the collaborative co-creation of two adults. She can invite the little child who still lives in each of us, to create a new story whose fullness gives energy. This is an opportunity for grown-ups to become interdependent sydney couples program  differentiated and mature adults.

Our relationship has a higher mission: to help each other to recover our fullness. It is the acorn that becomes oak, which allows us to recover our total potential, innate, essential to be fully alive by connecting with our enthusiasm, our vigor, our gratitude and our wonder.

Many things are possible:

Decode the past and the future, the others and the elsewhere that ruin our now through thousands of scenarios.

To live different forms of encounter and intimacy from relaxation, games of relationship … always in the conscience and the respect of all. The experiments help to discover, as well as the other, with attention, kindness, patience and curiosity.

heal our introjected forms (unconsciously internalized), in a choice of love , releasing the received models (family, cultural, genealogical …), deviated or limited. They hinder spontaneity and natural creativity, the circulation of emotions, the capacities of relationships and free choice. The cured forms allow to savor and participate in the best what life offers us .

Out of the relationship of opposition and power “ping pong” to rediscover the sacred space of the relationship (“the space between” us) by the ritual “the little bridge” that visits the world of the partner. It learns to come in the presence, to listen to each other, to tell each other, to accept, to compromise and not to compromise.

Our biography is present in each of our steps sydney couples program journey in the ritual of “our childhood memories” to allow our partner to “feel” the story of our childhood and develop the capacity for empathy .

Learning to put our energy at the service of our relationship, to pay attention to the positive aspects and to close relational exits (starting, closing, fleeing …) in the ritual of “relational energy leaks” (which are acting out: suicide, divorce, madness, illness, addiction, deception, fatigue, television, activism, children … instead of putting feelings into words). Our relationship is the healing environment, the crucible for transformation, the space to repair us (the tikkun, in Hebrew, which is the combination of the concepts of healing, repair, transformation and fulfillment). ”  The relationship is not a problem to solve. It’s an adventure to embrace, a gift to unwrap, a mystery to understand, a secret to discover. »Learn vulnerability. We are hurt by the breakdown of the relationship and the mere fact of connecting can heal this injury, which is proportional to our commitment to the intimacy of the relationship.

The bewildering behavior of our partner protects his weak points and is a call for help as the manifestation of an unexpressed existential cry (an unheard protest, a justified indignation … our complaints continue to growl.). the ritual of the cradle to find the archaic, cellular levels …

Frustrations are a double gift for growth and healing Irenas Bookkeeping Services Sydney Their tentacles sneak away into our secret stories. We hired our partner specifically for this unpleasant experience. Frustrations knock on the door saying: grow up, heal, evolve; commitment to repair.

Couple therapy

Our survival depends on the healing power of love, intimacy and relationships. As individuals, communities, country, culture, maybe even as a species … “Dean Ornish

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