FIRST, OR BUY A VENETIAN STORE? – Window Wood Shutters

There are three possible spaces:

– The shop / DIY supermarket, decoration and construction.

– The custom wood shutters in Houston specialist, manufacturer / installer of windows, verandas.

– Or buy it on the internet.

In the DIY store, decoration or construction:

Generally, you will find venetian blinds in pvc of two colors (white or beige). Sometimes in the biggest DIY stores, a third color is proposed, blue.

On the shelf, there will be different standard widths and heights of blinds.

The dimensions proposed are often: 45cm, 50cm, 60cm, 90cm, 100, 120cm or 150cm of width. 120, 150, 175 or 250cm in height. If you do not find a height or width of awning that is suitable for your window, this is not a problem because pvc blinds are redecoupables in width, and for the height is also flexible. You will also find venetian custom wood shutters in Houston, aluminum or wood

With standard widths and heights, however, it will be more difficult to trim them in width unless you are a good handyman, have a good saw, a square and a file for finishing. Among the widths of blinds proposed, it is necessary to find the good compared to the glass surface of the windows which you wish to dress.

  • DIY store, decoration and construction
  • Advantages:
  • Very good price.
  • PVC awning redecoupable in width.
  • Immediate purchase on the shelf.
  • Disadvantages:
  • Few colors.

The blinds are not customizable, for example we cannot add gallons decorative fabrics.

Often, the blade tilt adjustment rod must be on the left and the pull cord on the right. Supersize do-it-yourself blinds are standards, you cannot customize them.

The width of the blades is standard, there is usually only one choice: blades 25mm wide.

At the specialist, manufacturer / installer of window, blind or veranda:

It is custom-made, you can choose all elements of the blind, matching the style of your room.

On the other hand the cost will be higher and it will take 6 or 7 working days in time.

The specialist, window installer, conservatory and carpentry.

The blind is fully customizable: a wide choice of colors according to the manufacturer’s palette, many colors (matte, glossy, satin …), and the width of the blades is your choice…

It’s tailor-made.

The service: Most companies that sell and put on blinds have salespeople who can pass you home take the steps and provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

Disadvantages: Higher price, about twice as much for a custom-made store.

Longer delay, the blinds are ordered to measure, there is no or very little stock on site.

Example of venetian blind customization: we can see on the images below the decoration option “fabric braid” and specific maneuvers matching the blind.

My advice for buying a Venetian blind is:

For a pvc blind, I advise you to buy it in DIY store. However, there will only be 3 colors available.

In the blinds department in DIY and decoration stores, the Venetian blind offers the most choice and there is often good promotion on this product.

For an aluminum or wooden blind, take a look at a hardware store because the prices are rather correct, however if you do not find a width that corresponds to your joinery then it will be necessary to go to a professional stormiest. Ditto, if you want a specific color or a design elaborated with mixtures of materials, stripes in fabric…

Where to find a storist, reseller of custom-made blinds?

Look in the yellow pages of your city under the following headings: “store”, “veranda“, “and window “,” carpentry”. In the advice section quotes you will find interesting information to get a quote at the right price.

“New” Buying a store on the internet is possible and practical. There are many spaces today that sell blinds on the web. Do not hesitate to do your research on the web, there are attractive prices on many items.


For a custom Venetian blind, you have the choice to:

The width of the blades (often 16, 25, 35 or 50 mm) corresponds to 1.6 cm, 2.5 cm, 3.5 cm, 5 cm. The most common are blades of 16 or 25 mm, it is very suitable for covering windows for example.

The choice of blade material: Venetian blind Wood, Aluminum or PVC

The type of cord of maneuver: on the right or on the left, a standard string or a chain (with balls on it). You can also choose the length of the cord and a color matching the custom wood shutters in Houston.

The color: you will choose the color and the hue (satin, matte…). In the world of building and industry, each color corresponds to a RAL number of the manufacturer.

For wood boards, choose wood colors and color as well.


When taking measurements, pay careful attention to the obstacles and constraints of your carpentry, the window handle for example. It is very important to make accurate measurements to ensure a perfect pose.

I suggest you read the following article to learn more about Venetian blind measurement: Customized venetian blind – Measurements


On a window-type joinery, a sliding or a various glass, there are different places to fix a blind. For example, the Venetian blind can be attached directly to the window frame, or higher at the lintel.

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