Write Your Thesis nd 11 Tips To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Irresistible

Do not hesitate to consult the Doctoral Defense Procedure (PDF): it contains information that will be useful for the writing and presentation of your thesis.


Attention, except exception, the language of a French thesis writing help  must be French (article 11 of the law of August 4, 1994 relating to the use of the French language (known as Toubon law): “The language of the teaching, examinations and competitions, as well as theses and dissertations in public and private educational establishments, is French […] “and Article 8 of the Decree of 18 January 1994:” When this language is not not French, the writing is complemented by a substantial summary in French. “Therefore, each doctoral student French or foreign University Paris-South is required, if he wrote his thesis in a language other than French, to accompany it with a synthesis in French of a length of 1 to 20 pages (attention:it must be integrated into your thesis PDF file). This document, which will be included as an appendix to the thesis writing help  as part of its library consultation and / or its dissemination on the Internet, must allow the entire French-speaking scientific community to access at least the scientific research conducted University Paris-Sud.


You must use the Paris-Saclay University model to build the title page (or cover page) of your thesis.


To easily insert bibliographic references that you have used into your manuscript, we recommend Zotero , a free tool that is free and very easy to use. A user guide is available on the site, but you can also use the tutorial available on the website of Rennes 2 University.


Formalized by the ISO, the standardized version PDF / A is used by the Cines for the long-term archiving of electronic theses. This standard preserves the integrity of the content and ensures the long-term accessibility and visualization of the file. The PDF file that you will communicate to the library as part of the submission of your thesis must be a PDF / A file, with a version greater than 1.4. To verify that your PDF is compliant, please use the Easy tool (CINES Archiving Format by Analysis and Expertise). If it is not, you can consult the recommendations of the University Paris-Sorbonne .


To help you succeed in your thesis, here is a selection of books that you can consult or borrow in the university libraries of Paris-Sud (click on the visual to access the book details)

Make your LinkedIn profile irresistible in 11 steps

LinkedIn and Viadeo are in close contact in France among the professional networks. LinkedIn has 3 million registered in France and 135 million worldwide. Viadeo meanwhile has 4.5 million registered in France but “only” 40 million worldwide. Figures that could be reversed quickly because LinkedIn has grown exponentially in recent months. The social network has annual growth of 60% and 3 million monthly unique visitors to the French market.

LinkedIn acquires market share through a strong innovation strategy. LinkedIn opens up much more to interactivity and storytelling , with a new presentation of profiles and more space for sharing. A chance for the professionals who work their personal branding ! To find new prospects, to look for a new job or to do sectoral or competitive intelligence, you have to be there. So if you have not touched your LinkedIn profile for months, or worse, for years, it’s time to take action! Immediate facelift for your LinkedIn profile!

  1. Update your photo

The first tip is common sense but it is always worth remembering: look after your profile picture on LinkedIn . Remember that LinkedIn is not Facebook. So avoid photos of your last vacation or your last night clubbing, or that of your 20 years (yes finally if you have 40 today!). You have to be professional.

To ban : a blurred photo, a group photo, a photo with your boyfriend / girlfriend / child, a photo on which you wear an outfit that you would not wear to work.

What to do: A photo of you alone (e) preferably smiling and wearing an appropriate attire (to adapt according to your occupation and your sector of activity).

  1. Refresh your presentation

The Summary section of your LinkedIn profile helps you highlight important things in your profile. Explain your skills, describe your most outstanding achievements, detail your role in your company, etc. “Summary” is a place dedicated to highlighting the most important elements of your profile . It will be the first thing that will be read by your visitors on your profile.

To banish : Never add anything to your profile. This could make people who visit your profile believe that your career is frozen, that nothing happens.

To do: Complete the “Summary” section of your profile if you have not done so yet. And if you did it last year, then update it!

  1. Boost your list of skills

how to fulfill your professional skills on linkedinUse the most popular skills in your market! The skills section is one of the ways that recruiters use to find you . “Skills” are buzzwords that change all the time. For this, LinkedIn will help you find the right terms and phrases most used. Type the skill into the skill search box and it will compare that term to a list of similar terms and offer you all the terms that come close to your search. You can fill up to 35 skills, so enjoy!

It is now possible to put your extra-professional skills (see point number 5: ” Reveal your personality “). During your volunteer work or when you indulge in your passion, you certainly develop skills that deserve to be included in your professional profile, such as writing, organizing the annual festival in your village or your passion for biathlon.

To banish : Leave empty the list of his skills because you will not be found by recruiters who are looking for this specific skill. The beautiful professional opportunities may then run under your nose!


To do: Fill in this field with all your skills because your profile will be found more easily by your future business contacts.

  1. Banish the tacky keywords

Is your profile filled with old buzzwords or outdated buzzwords? If so, remove them right away because they make you look like a “has-been”. According to LinkedIn, these words would be: creative, organized, effective, extensive experience, motivated, innovative, communication skills, dynamic, result oriented, team player, sense of initiative, multitasking …

To ban : Fill out your profile with positive but unverifiable terms. Most of his “has-been” words are words that describe your personality.

To do: Prefer words or action verbs . You needto demonstrate your accomplishment concretely and dynamically.

  1. Reveal your personality

Do you have a passion? Are you hired and volunteering for a humanitarian cause? Let it know!

This will allow recruiters or your professional contacts to know what you are dedicating to your free time. This says a lot about your personality and can facilitate contact. So, do not neglect this part and update it regularly!

To banish : Leave this part empty.

To do: Fill it out on My profile / Edit / Additional information / Edit / Groups and associations.

  1. Collect recommendations

Most people will only look for new recommendations when they are looking for a new job. This is a serious mistake and that’s why:

To ban : Ask for professional recommendations from family or friends over a condensed period of time. By overlap and deduction, this will be easy to spot and ignore by recruiters.

To do: Try to have good recommendations throughout your career. It will impress potential recruiters to see that you have had positive recommendations over years and with different types of contacts: customers, employers, colleagues … Note that recruiters prefer above all the recommendations of senior managers in your sector or your business.

  1. Dust off your group registrations

You joined a few groups when you registered for LinkedIn or you responded to invitations to join a group that you accepted by kindness or automatic. Be aware that groups can be one of the best ways to expand your network . Having a group together with someone gives you a good way to break the ice with professional contacts.

To banish :  Stay in old groups that do not concern you anymore or have become inactive.

To do:   Join new groups that fit your business interests today! Do not feel limited to joining your company group or those of your college buddies, broaden your horizons with LinkedIn professional groups !

  1. Add applications

Did you know ? There are all kinds of apps that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.

Some of the applications available on LinkedIn:

WordPress , to connect your site or blog to your LinkedIn profile, and thus automate the publication of your new posts directly in LinkedIn.

Reading List by Amazon to share your readings and comment on them.

Portfolio Display allows creatives to present their graphic creations.

Slideshare presentation to share your Slideshares to your contacts and your profile.

But still MyTravel , Polls , LegalUpdates , and many more …

To ban: Nothing special, but it is a feature that adds a little extra to your profile which it would be a shame not to enjoy.

To do:   Go to the ” More  ” tab  , choose ”  Get more applications  ” and all kinds of applications that are added directly to your profile are available. There is something for everyone, it’s up to you!

  1. Follow the employer of your dreams

Even if you like your job, nothing prevents you from staying in sleep . If you have always dreamed of working for TropTopBoîte, then keep yourself abreast of its day-to-day news. On his company page, news, new products, job offers, etc. Everything to be on top of the day when the opportunity will be available to you! Following a company page on LinkedIn is also a great way to get noticed . How? By commenting constructively and professionally on their contributions and news.

To banish: Do not stay abreast of news in your area. Openly criticize a company on social networks or worse, criticize your boss! Many who have tried it and whose employers have realized it, are now unemployed …

To do:   In the LinkedIn search engine, enter the name of the company you wish to follow, select Enterprise Search . Once on the company page, click ” Follow ” at the top right and in yellow.

  1. Create your personalized LinkedIn signature

You can embed an html signature including your links on your LinkedIn profile directly into your emails . Useful for the interconnectivity of your networks. It also shows your contact person what contacts you have in common.

To ban: Have a signature without links to your professional profiles, or your blog or your site.


To do:   Choose from the twenty models, fill in the fields that you want to appear in your signature. You can add the logo of your company. Once validated, LinkedIn Profile Writing will create a html script to integrate into your mail client (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.).

  1. Questions / Answers

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to answer questions and ask questions. It is a smart and fun way to start the conversation with other members of the network and thus to expand its network.

To banish: Be careful, do not ask a question like ”  Do you want to buy my best product?”  Or ” Who wants to do my powerpoint presentation for my meeting tomorrow? “… You might hurt yourself!

Do’s:   Ask questions that offer the opportunity for experts in their field to take part in the conversation like ”  Would you have software to advise me for international web project management? “Or”  Which European city is, according to you, the most welcoming for web startups ? “. And when a question concerns your area of ​​expertise, answer it! This will show your expertise and your spirit of sharing, qualities always appreciated in web 2.0.

It was 11 tips to improve and optimize your presence on the LinkedIn Profile Writing professional network.

You are now ready to get the job of your dreams or to double your turnover thanks to all the new contacts and new opportunities that your professional profile has triggered!

Give me your feedback on these 11 points to improve your LinkedIn profile and feel free to share your tips if you know more!


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