Assessment Of The Property Complex

Features of work on the assessment of the property complex of the enterprise

The property complex of the enterprise consists of a large number of objects that are diverse in their parameters and characteristics. Assessment of the property complex is a laborious and laborious process, even for experienced and professional appraisers. Evaluating large ICs, in order to optimize time and labor costs, and also to meet the promised deadlines, working groups of specialists are created within our company, each of which is entrusted with an assessment of a particular type of objects.

Depending on the tasks set by the customer, it is not always necessary to determine the market value of the IC. Often, appraisers are faced with the tasks, by definition:

  • Investment value is the future income that IC can bring
  • Liquidation value — market value minus the costs associated with immediate sale in bankruptcy or the need to pay the enterprise’s debts
  • Cadastral value – depending Infrastructure locations, site infrastructure, land use prices.

To obtain the most accurate result, our specialists evaluate IC from the point of view of all existing valuation approaches – profitable, costly, and comparative. Appraisers use complementary methods, resulting in a total picture of the value of the property complex.

This becomes possible because the market value of the property complex can be considered as the total cost of the individual components of IC, if they are sold separately.

We, as a result, get the general picture of the value of the property complex.

Independent property valuation and expertise:

Property Valuation:

One of the most popular valuation services today is the valuation of property of the enterprise. Every company today needs reliable information on the value of fixed assets in order to correctly reflect them in accounting, charge depreciation, and make very important management decisions.

The property of an enterprise includes real estate, machines, equipment, securities, intangible assets, and so on.

Assessment of property of the enterprise is carried out in the event that it is necessary:

  • Completeness and correctness of accounting;
  • make a sale transaction;
  • to lease the property or leasing;
  • get a loan;
  • develop strategies for further development and so on.

Having information about the real market value of the property of an enterprise, it is possible to perform an analysis of the efficiency of enterprise management, to take measures to improve management efficiency and so on.

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Our employees have extensive experience in carrying out such work, supported by a huge theoretical base, practical skills and abilities.

In our activities we use income, expenditure and comparative methods. This allows us to very accurately assess the value of the assets of enterprises.

Each of our conclusions are distinguished by professionalism, accuracy and validity of all data, all factors that could affect the final cost of the object of evaluation.

The valuation of the property complex is the valuation of the tangible assets of the enterprise and its liabilities, including land plots, production equipment, buildings and structures, communications and vehicles. In assessing the property complex.

An enterprise is a property complex that is used for business activities. The enterprise, as a property complex, includes all types of property that are intended for its activities: real estate, land, equipment, raw materials and materials, intangible assets, finished goods, etc.

Evaluation of an enterprise as a property complex means the definition in monetary terms of the value of an enterprise’s tangible assets as a combination of the values ​​of fixed assets and their interrelationships at the valuation date.

The valuation of the property complex is considered the most multifaceted and full-fledged type of valuation work in the field of business valuation and enterprise valuation. Estimation of the value of the property complex allows to calculate the value of the complex of property rights of a legal entity for objects that are on the balance sheet of the evaluated enterprise (business, company). In the process of an independent examination of the property complex can be considered as a set of objects that are owned by the company, or as an object of the rights of a legal entity. Assessment of the integral property complex- a complex, multidimensional, widely specialized process, in which, as a rule, appraisers from different areas are involved. Integral property complexes are enterprises and their structural subdivisions such as, a workshop, production, a site, etc., which can be separated in the established order into independent objects with the subsequent drawing up of an appropriate balance sheet and can be registered as independent business entities.


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