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over the years, I have considerably lightened my luggage to carry only one piece of cabin luggage even for a 3 week stay in Japan! However, I do not want to draw a line on my femininity or the fact of having pretty outfits to go to a chic restaurant for example! In this article, I give you all my little tips to lighten your suitcase.

Why travel light?

This is the first question I asked myself. Why not take a huge suitcase filled to the brim and do not take the head to make choices!

First of all because I am a follower of road trips and often I change accommodation very often (every day or 2 days max). So, take out your huge suitcase from the car, carry it, if there are stairs as for example in some hotels or some stations, it quickly becomes very tiring.

The 2nd reason is for me paramount: with a cabin baggage, finished the waiting interminable at the airport to put it in the hold. No need to arrive 3 hours before, to make a monstrous tail and on arrival, we can get off the plane with no waiting either!

My 8 secrets revealed

The storage you will optimize

The first technique is to develop a storage worthy of an expert. It is imperative to find the most appropriate storage technique for your luggage. For my part I opted for the packing set Eagle Creek brand : different sizes can store his clothes, underwear and shoes and nestle them as in Tetris ^^ So the saving of space is considerable

The right clothes you will choose

The choice of clothes is also an element to take into account. You want at all costs to take your new yellow dress that you can only match with a pair of shoes and a single jacket. Forget! You have to choose sober clothes (neutral colors in priority such as black, blue or gray) that you can mix together. It is essential to form different outfits with few clothes and not have the feeling of being always dressed in the same way.

The ultra-light jacket will take you

For colder destinations, I plan a coat but not just any: I chose a jacket ultra-light that folds in his little bundle. It is super convenient because it takes up very little space. A lot of brands now offer: I think Compotes des Colonizers, Union, K-Way, …

Good now if you go to Canada in the middle of winter, you will probably have to find another solution ^^ If the temperatures are cool, as was the case for example when I slept with the monks at Mount Koya (3 ° C in the morning), I planned a thermolactyl underwear that could keep me warm.

The little shoes you will choose

For shoes, I put the biggest pair at my feet during transport. This is most often sneakers, comfortable and essential for any trip. In my suitcase, I opt for a pair of soft ballerinas that take up very little space or for sneakers rather chic that I can put in the day as the evening.

The washing you will do

No need to bring all his wardrobe, remember that we can also wash his clothes on a trip! If you are in a good hotel, there is necessarily a cleaning service while if you are in an Airbnb apartment, there is often a washing machine (remember to check this point before making your reservation!). Otherwise there is always the pressings!

Small bottles you will take

For toiletries, I take very small packs. In the first place because in a cabin baggage I must not exceed 100ml per bottle, but also to save space. You will find in Para pharmacies a shelf with small packaging made This is Luxury Travel.

The superfluous you will avoid

When I pack my bags, I diligently consult the weather and I do not take anything “just in case”  ! I am planning clothes that are adapted to the temperatures and climate of the destination I’m traveling to. Remember that you can buy things on the spot. If for example it is colder than expected, nothing prevents you from buying an extra pull to overcome this. It is often destabilizing to spend money on things you already have at home, but you always have to bring it back to the overall price of your stay and say it’s the price you pay for traveling light.

For my part, the only thing I bought by necessity while traveling was a pair of gloves during my road trip in the American West before riding a horse and where the thermometer indicated

The books you will replace

My books and travel guides have been replaced by a Kindle! A considerable space saving especially if like me you read several books in parallel!

Why We Love Super Mario World Rom?

Super Mario World Rom

This particular report is actually an element of Mario Week, our 7 daylong celebration of 25th anniversary of Super Mario World Rom  along with 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. In order to read a lot more articles coming from Mario Week, go right here.

 The word “obsession” has a bad tone. We flash on unsettling or violent pictures – boiled rabbits, candle lit shrines, eyeballs powering a hole-in-the-wall. There is a stench of remote mania to the term, the worry that just about any obsession is going to run the course of its to the detriment of this obsess or: Our ultimate freeze frame an individual suffocated through the weighty mass of the endless pursuit of theirs, surrounded not by a take hold of but a tomb, the catacomb’s wall structure bricked up and forgotten.

But there’s a figure acknowledged for breaking bricks. He jumps, his clenched fist targeted skyward, as well as what was at one time good now crumbles. Super Mario, as we understand him now through his titular adventure Super Mario Bros. on the NES, transforms 30 this year. What about those 3 years of not just video games though toys, cereals, comics, cartoons, t shirts, concerts, lunchboxes, as well as just one regrettable video, millions have played the games of his and hummed the songs of his. You’re likely among them.

Super Mario World Rom
Super Mario World Rom

Super Mario World Rom

Sometimes the mushroom you eat can make you much stronger fewer fans position as much as the first definition: Fanatic, n., “a individual loaded with single-minded and excessive zeal…” Its right here in which obsession requires hold. But not all passions are actually poisoned. Sometimes the mushroom you eat can make you stronger. Players tend to be given power ups to come down with Super Mario World Rom games; within these instances, Super Mario grants strength to it’s the majority of obsessive players & amp; fans.

Alan Lopez’s obsession increased silently. He purchased a Mario plush doll, a Mario themed toy chest. He then sent in box tops with UPC codes for a Mario Paint paintbrush. Years passed. Underneath the examining and school tasks, the minimal thrum of digital bass paperwork might be read just below the surface area. He continued collect and to play. Ultimately, however, Mario arrived first.

“With just 2 classes left to eat my master’s amount, I managed to completely use up steam,” Lopez revealed to me within an email. “I could not psychologically manage yet another single word towards these twenty page papers; I’d totally used out.” So he did what Mario will do when up against an extremely hard wall; he discovered a secret exit.

Rather than finishing his graduate schooling semester, he snuck straight into the Electronic Entertainment Expo, a yearly convention for the video games market in Los Angeles. Buoyed by the encounter, Lopez made the decision to write about this. The first article of his was picked up by a favorite site. And so he kept writing. At this point he is a function writer for the earth’s most visited Nintendo fan site.

“I put aside the crippling burden of mine of college debt and greater education to rather write about plumbers going by pipes,” Lopez said. He’d been on the brink of disappointment. Rather, his long smoldering obsession pressed him to the flagpole. “I like composing yet again, plus I just about owe that everyone to my family members gifting me a NES when i was three.”

Some passions yield amount. Others, quality. Mitsugu Kikai’s enthusiasm for Mario led him lowered by the road of Guinness World Record Holder, while Ben Bertoli’s enthusiasms store no recognized title: Nevertheless, each is actually significant.

Kikai life outside Tokyo, Japan. He’s 30 years of age. Precisely the same era, he is going to tell you, as his preferred game: Super Mario Bros. And he’s the souvenirs to confirm it.

In 2010, an official in the Guinness Book of World Records counted the collection of his of Mario themed merchandise and named it probably the largest in history: 5,441 parts in total. Kikai’s compilation has since grown. The French publisher Pix’ n Love recognized the outcomes of the effort of his with a book known as Mario Goodies Collection; its 256 web pages couldn’t actually hold the whole stash. His favorite piece? A gold Mario sculpture, thirty centimeters high, offered to retail shops to show in the window of theirs, letting passersby know which Nintendo and its mascot might be found inside.

Mr. Bertoli has no guide dedicated to the fandom of his, but absolutely no matter. “Collecting Nintendo and Mario products is simply one thing which makes me happy,” he informs me via email. “I optimism that everybody has something that way within their life.” I requested him that which was different about Mario as compared to the huge number of various other game figures through there. “Mario has the strange quality of becoming popular, however being a nearly blank slate,” Bertoli writes. “You is able to place him into any adventure or maybe feature and miraculously it works.”

Super Mario World Rom
Super Mario World Rom

Super Mario World Rom

Blue overalls, white cap, along with a mustache the magic formulation functions maybe even outside the game world. Bertoli took part in a neighborhood charity previous 12 months, serving pizza to local area kids. He was told he might dress up in case he needed to. No one else did. Though he showed up in a common get up: blue overalls, white cap, along with a mustache. “Who would not want Italian meal served for them by Mario?” he requested.

Turns out very few might resist: The then at night was among the restaurant’s highest grossing evenings in its history.

While others gather or perhaps cos play, several Mario extremists obsess over the real playing. Speed runners force the games and themselves to the breaking point of theirs. And with organized events such as “Awesome Games Done Quick” becoming more popular, increasing over a million bucks for charity in the task, there is a growing audience for looking at this obsession live.

Andrew Gardikis, AKA Andrew, has the world record quickest time for doing Super Mario World Rom. on a system at 4:58.09. (That period was recently reduced by a speed runner recognized as Blubber, though an emulator was used by them; Andrew’s console report stands.) Fellow’ runner Skybilz is actually a notable participant of Super Mario World Rom, along with a part of Southeastern Speed runners. They along with other notable runners see items inside a Mario game others hardly ever will.

While talking with Skybilz above Skype, moves are mentioned by her and techniques which help her get rid of period in SMW, as well as the list seems as euphemisms for tough drugs: Cloud Duping, Cloud Glitch, Yoshi Clip, and Bowser Kill. She has been working World for 2 years now. She is nonetheless not fed up with the game, or maybe the thrill.

“When you will get to the conclusion of that [96 exit] run, and you have invested a hour plus time into it and it is very convenient to create a mistake… it is terrifying.” The game is actually a great representation of Nintendo game design: Deep and accessible, Simple but Complex. “Super Mario World is actually sort of such as a beginner’s manual to speed running,” she explains. “You begin by simply learning how you can get on a plane together with the cape. But as you figure out how to be at ease with the cape, the game becomes deeper, and subsequently as the cape is removed by you, the game receives actually deeper.” World allows for players that are new to master the fundamentals of two dimensional technicians but produces an unending pool of strategies to the savvy veteran. “There’s this freedom in which you are never very finished with it. And that.” is loved by me

you are never very finished with it It just requires a look at giving Andrew’s YouTube webpage to recognize the depths of a Mario game and also the serious patience required to unlock those secrets.Gardikis uploaded a video clip captured on VHS of him beating Super Mario Bros. within 5 minutes, 5 secs, fractions from the capture set by Scott Kessler. The following season, this run-through of 5 minutes flat was posted by him. Though it is not until eventually January 2011, 4 years down the line, when he eventually beats the record of his and finishes SMB throughout 4:59.4, the first person to actually break 5:00.

But he was not completed. 11 days later, he knocks an additional tiny proportion of a minute off his moment to vanquish World 8 4 in 4:58.898. After that in March 2014, his best time was posted by him yet: 4:58.08, as well as what continues to be the console history.1313216541

The Colors of Cleveland – What to Visit in Cleveland? The Traditions, Festivals and Mentality of the Locals.

The Colors of Cleveland – What to Visit in Cleveland? The Traditions, Festivals and Mentality of the Locals.

The main feature of the nature of the inhabitants of Cleveland can be considered indifferent attitude to the most different aspects of modern culture and creativity. For many years, the city regularly hosts festivals and festivals dedicated to modern cinema, music, photo art and painting, and Cleveland is also famous for its gastronomic festivals.

 Residents of various states and many foreign guests take part in such holidays.

The annual Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show is held in various cities in Ohio and is dedicated to the craft and artistic traditions of the region. Usually, this festival is held in November; talented artists, designers and photographers take part in it.

 The main events of this festival are all sorts of exhibitions, admission to which is absolutely free. Visitors can buy all the crafts and works of art presented at such exhibitions, for tourists they are an excellent way to choose unique souvenirs.

What to Visit in Cleveland? about Traditions Most interesting entertainment and traditional fun spend in Cleveland on the eve of Christmas and New Year? In the last week of November, the traditional winter festival Cleveland Winterfest starts, the center of which is the main city square. For a whole month, the square is decorated with luxurious illumination, there are open cafes and numerous souvenir shops. Every evening the square turns into the busiest and most populous place in the city.

 Locals come here to buy their favorite sweets, admire the thousands of lights of garlands and choose interesting gifts for loved ones. In the pre-holiday period, street performers and musicians often perform on the square.

What to visit in Cleveland on new year celebrations One of the most unusual festivals that are held in the pre-New Year period is the Ugly Sweater Run. Traditionally, Cleveland residents never throw away their old worn sweaters, they know that once old clothes will come in handy for them to have a lot of fun. One of the December days in the city arrange a race, in which everyone can participate.

The only prerequisite for participation is the use of the old sweater as outerwear. All participants, who safely reach the finish line, will be able to participate in the competition for the ugliest sweater. This festival is also accompanied by festive treats, pyrotechnic shows and other interesting competitions.

Even in the age of modern technology, Cleveland residents are not indifferent to books; a family reading festival called the Akron Family Reading Festival is regularly held here. During the days of this festival, special platforms are opened in the downtown area, where anyone can bring unnecessary books from the home library.

On such book collapses, you can completely choose new books for free, many locals spend their days searching for their favorite literature. It is not by chance that the festival is called family, and children are always actively attracted to participate in it.

The diversity of festivals and public entertainment programs, Cleveland is not easy to find equal, interesting holidays in the city spend literally every month. In the warm season, music and comedy festivals became traditional. Scenes for artists are set up in the open air right on the territory of city parks and squares, entrance to concerts is usually completely free.

It is important to note that residents of the city will never leave such entertainment indifferent, even the performance of an unknown musical group will certainly bring together several hundred spectators. For the people of Cleveland, social life is very important, they love and know how to have fun. And they are distinguished by the love of beautiful and delicious food.

 The wine festival, the Beer Festival, the annual confectioners’ competitions, the days of Italian cuisine and the festivals dedicated to classic American fast food are also a significant part of the cultural calendar.

In this city it will be interesting to spend a few days for creative people and everyone who is not indifferent to modern art in its most diverse manifestations. Here such people will certainly meet with mutual understanding and find interesting entertainment for themselves. Festivals of tattoos and body art, art and photo exhibitions have become quite familiar events for Cleveland.

 It is surprising that such entertainments also attract older people, who also try to keep up with the times. It is not by chance that Cleveland is distinguished among thousands of American cities; this city really has a unique soul and cultural traditions.



You know what flowers give a girl – those that will emphasize her youth, beauty and freshness. It does not matter whether it is sunny sunflowers or aristocratic lilies, a bouquet of tulips or the divine beauty of a rose, they should reflect your love and attention.

There is an opinion (they say, erroneous) that brunettes are better to give bright and catchy flowers with large buds, and for blondes – delicate bouquets in pastel colors. But, probably, there is something in it, because we all strive for harmony.

A few rules still need to follow. Indeed, one should not give a young girl roses of burgundy (mourning) or bright scarlet (symbolizing passion) color. The same applies to chrysanthemums, gerberas, carnations. Colors of blue or lilac should be avoided. They are considered a symbol of age and wisdom, which is in no way compatible with youth.

If you notice your girlfriend’s heightened suspicion or belief in omens, yellow will be just as undesirable.

At the beginning of a relationship, indeed, you can give bouquets in pastel and pink colors. But in good weather and at least a good mood, give what you want. Given the above.

Important. Flowers should be given with pleasure and joy. A girl should feel that for you it is no less important than for her.


It’s just that it’s much easier with girlfriends – it’s not a problem to choose a gift or a bouquet. But what flowers to give to a girl who likes is a question.

Alternatively, you can designate your attention with simple, but such delicate bouquets of daisies, primroses, tulips. An armful of lilacs or a bunch of peonies are also a worthy decision. These flowers will help to maintain external neutrality, but they will let the girl know that you are not indifferent to her.

An important point. Think carefully about the time when you are going to “mark” your attention. Convenient moments – to meet after school or work. In the first case, the girl will not have to be puzzled by the question of where to put the flowers so that they will not wilt. In the second, you just give a good mood. And indeed, all of a sudden she takes her sister out of school – catch your chance.


At a certain stage of the relationship, when you already clearly understand that your girlfriend is the best (and in general, things are moving towards the wedding), small gifts and bouquets of fresh flowers will always be appropriate. You can safely come to your beloved and with one rose, and with a whole bunch, your attention will always be appreciated properly


The queen of flowers is a rose. Refined, sensual, noble and surprisingly beautiful. But sometimes you want to give something else, no less attractive and picturesque. In the salons there is a decent assortment of colors, from which you can always choose those that your girlfriend will surely like.


Stunningly delicate tesco flowers by post that look great in amono-bouquet, and as additional elements in the compositions. Just a few sprigsof eustoma will tell your girlfriend about the feelings you have for her.


A win-win in late winter and spring. Bright bouquets in lush greenery look great and will delight every girl. Especially beautiful look bouquets of tulips of different colors – white, yellow, red, pink.


What is good lily, so it is that it can be presented in one stem, like a rose. Large buds with a strong aroma do not leave indifferent. The regal flower is good in all shades – white, pink, cream, combined. Lily can be given as a sign of love and admiration (she will say everything for you).

Be careful. Not everyone likes a strong smell and can cause allergies.


Lush heavy hats of peonies look great by themselves and in group bouquets. If you want to emphasize your special tenderness, choose these flowers – perhaps they are better able to tell about your love than others.


White, cream and pale pink carnations make up beautifulcompositions that conquer with their sensuality and freshness. Be careful, thecolors of red and burgundy in such bouquets should not be. Alternatively, youcan buy a bush carnation.!

Perennial flowers for giving and a catalog with names

To create a flower bed in the garden, you need to work hard. Significantly reduce the time and effort on planting annuals flower garden will help, where perennial flowers grow. From year to year, they emerge as soon as it gets warmer, in its former place, they easily experience winter conditions and do not require annual disembarkation.

Benefits of Perennials

Some growers prefer annual crops because they have unique colors. But many choose perennial asda flowers. These plants for the garden plot have the following advantages:

  • Do not need a transplant for about two years.
  • Capable of withstanding slight freezing.
  • Do not require special care.
  • Looks great throughout the warm season.
  • Used to create flower beds and flower beds, as well as in landscape design.
  • Planting perennials is done in three ways: onions, roots, seeds. You can land in large quantities, making out composition, because in the coming years, these actions will not be repeated.
  • Cultivation of perennials is cheaper, reproduction occurs due to the separation of the plant into several parts.
  • Classification and varieties of perennials
  • Perennial plants are able to create unique landscape compositions , if properly selected. Such a flowerbed, depending on the season and the month, will change its color palette and even an ornament. Such a garden plot will be the pride of any florist.

The greatest effect is able to create tiers of flowers when the flower garden is created taking into account the height of the plants. For adult plants, a classification of garden crops is carried out, where their growth is taken into account. There are four main groups of perennial flowers that can grow in a garden:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Curly.

Undersized flowers

Perennial flowers are considered small plants, the height of which does not exceed 30 cm . Borders, stony gardens and flower beds are often drawn up with such species; they look especially beautiful when the culture goes into the flowering phase. Unpretentious long-term flowers are used to give, when you want to decorate the lawn with carpet. Such coatings successfully hide all the irregularities of the soil, are also very economical, if you look from the point of view of labor costs and finances. To get a live carpet, you should plant flowers close to each other. Low-growing perennial plants are very diverse, but the following items are most in demand:
Pansies. These flowers are very beautiful and are considered unpretentious, because they

do not require special care. They are pleasing to the eye all summer, and in some warm regions a year-round variety of shades and their combinations. They are in perfect harmony with tall and medium-sized samples, emphasizing their beauty.
Periwinkle This plant can withstand frost in the cold season and shade in the warm. Can grow on any soil. It is used in rock gardens and rock compositions. A wide pink or blue carpet looks great.
Phloxes are magnificent decorative flowers with bright shades of white and scarlet. Well proven in landscape design, when you create a beautiful flower carpet, whose height is not more than 20 cm. These cultures feel good in fertile, abundantly moist lands. When planting should be noted that in 1 square. meter has up to six plants.
Gentian is a delightful tenderness plant, forming beautiful blue-blue flowers resembling bells. It pleases the eye with its flowering from the end of June to the end of August. Indispensable when creating hills and rock gardens, as it grows in nature in the mountains. Its genus includes more than 400 species.

How to make a bouquet of fresh flowers – tips from experienced florists

In each case there are secrets, mastering which a person becomes a professional. The art of floristics is not only knowing the rules of combining plants, making compositions. This ability to reveal the characteristics of each flower and present it in the most favorable light. If you love and feel the flowers, you will surely master the art of making beautiful compositions. Knowing some rules will help you. Consider how to make a bouquet.

What to consider when composing compositions
In order for the bouquet to be delightful and fit the occasion, it is advisable to adhere to the following rules:

Consider the gender of the person for whom the composition is being compiled. Women’s bouquets are round, men’s – elongated. The size of the composition is different and depends on the case.
In drawing up the bouquet, observe the color combination of buds. Use no more than three shades. Violet lilac will not look red or yellow tulips. It is better to use white and pink tulips when composing the composition. They will help create a delicate spring bouquet . A successful addition to this composition will be the branches of white or lilac hyacinth. Such a bouquet in the frame of a soft pink grid will cause admiration.
Carefully consider the selection of plants composition. Some of them are incompatible and suppress each other. Make compositions of loyal plants to each other. Then the bouquet will remain fresh for a long time and please others.
It is important to properly prepare the material before making the composition. For this, it is necessary to make oblique cuts on the stems, place the plants for several hours in water and then form a bouquet.
For the design of the bouquet will suit any material corresponding to the general concept of composition. It is important not to overload with all sorts of additional details and remember that the decor is used only to give completeness and style.

How to make a composition of several plants

Bouquets of several types of m&s flowers by post look impressive. They delight the eye with diversity and surprising combinatorialness, when incompatible plants converge in one place. This is the art and talent of the florist – to make a delightful creation in an unusual way. For those who are just learning to make a bouquet of fresh flowers, let’s tell you a few simple rules:

Correctly distribute the color of the buds. On the edge of the bouquet are bright flowers with a small bud, and bright and dark will form the center of the composition.
Excess greenery can spoil the bouquet. A small leaf of a palm tree or a little fluffy asparagus will successfully fit into the concept of composition. Greens should not be higher than other flowers. In this case, it will attract attention and this will put the wrong emphasis.
Before creating a composition, think over the concept of whether it will be a bouquet of wildflowers or exotic. Agree, the composition of daisies and lilies of the valley in combination with irises will look ridiculous.
To make the bouquet look beautiful for a long time, use buds with varying degrees of openness: closed, barely opened and fully bloomed.
The language of flowers, or what plants say
To know how to correctly collect a bouquet to the occasion, you need to know the language of flowers. Plants can speak for us. It is important to understand them correctly.

If you want to tell about your admiration, beautiful camellias and lilies will make it for you.
If you were given mimosa, know that the donor feels tender feelings for you, but carefully hides them.
Roses, tulips and white irises will tell you about love for you.
Yellow carnations hint to the contrary – you fell out of love.
Majestic chrysanthemums and fragrant hyacinths show respect for the giver.
If you were presented with a bouquet of chrysanthemums and orchids, be aware that they appreciate communication with you.
And lilac is given as a sign of great respect and former love.
Of course, you can give any flowers that you like, and invest in them your own, unknown meaning. But still, before ordering flowers from a florist, ask which one he recommends a bouquet for your occasion.

The undisputed leader among the flowers is a gorgeous rose . If you decide to make a composition of these flowers, florists offer the following bouquets:

Impromptu. Make a composition that you like best. Such a beautiful flower like a rose looks great in any composition.
Unilateral. To create it uses a large sheet, for example, fern. Roses are laid on it in tiers.
Ball. Such a bouquet looks magnificent. It should be remembered here that darker buds are placed in the center of the composition, and lighter ones on the edge. A minimum amount of extra greenery and stems wrapped in satin ribbon will complete the composition.

What flowers are forfunerals?

What flowers are forfunerals?

Feature of the bouquet for the funeral. Bouquet design. Flowers as a homage.

Each of us, sooner or later, suffers from all the pain and irreplaceability of the loss of a loved one. It is not surprising that a person who was shocked was confused and could not independently observe the observance of all the customs and rituals necessary for the funeral. Flowers for funerals – one of the essential components, through which we express our feelings – grief, pain of loss, respect for the deceased.

Feature of drawing up a flowers for funerals

The ritual of the burial of a person imposes a special imprint on everything connected with it. The choice of flower arrangement is no exception. There are a number of recommendations that should be known and should be adhered to in order not to violate etiquette and not to offend the relatives of the deceased unknowingly:

The very first rule for our culture is that in the composition for the funeral there should be an even number of colors from two to ten;

The bouquets themselves should not be bright, the shades of the petals are muffled, since the funeral is a sad event, and the diversity in the composition is inappropriate;

The closest relatives can give flowers, which the deceased preferred during his lifetime, or red roses as a symbol of love and consanguinity;

All flowers bought for the funeral must be brought to the cemetery, they must not be left at home or thrown on the road.

There are no special rules when choosing flowers that can be brought to the funeral. It all depends on what I would like to express with the help of the bouquet of the deceased. It is very difficult at this moment to find the right words to honor the memory of a person and express his condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased. And with the help of colors you can express all your emotions and feelings. Professional florists can help in this difficult task. They will not only advise those flowers that correspond to this event, but also prompt how to arrange the composition for the funeral.

Bouquet design

There is a special approach to the design of such a bouquet. Any packaging containing flowers in the store should be removed. Packaging will save flowers from damage and from cold, if it is winter, but it is no longer needed at the cemetery. No decorations are allowed, except for a black or gold ribbon with words of grief and respect for the deceased.

What flowers are carried to the funeral depends on what I would like to express with the help of a bouquet, and the financial condition of everyone who came to honor the memory of the deceased. There are some differences in the choice of plants for the composition, depending on the gender of the departed world:

For men, choose roses, callas, carnations and gladioli. The florist will help to determine the color scheme, but blue tones are preferable – a symbol of sorrow and grief, red (only not roses, if you are not a relative), white color personifies divine principle and purity.

Women bring roses, orchids, lilies, chrysanthemums. The color scheme is also unacceptable variegation, therefore, mono-bouquets of pink, white, yellow tones are universal.

White buds are usually brought to children – a symbol of purity and innocence. Permissible pink petals in buds for young girls.

Flowers can be put in the coffin while it is open, but before closing the coffin it is necessary to take out all the flowers and place them on the grave with buds to the gravestone cross. A basket with flowers tied with a mourning ribbon will also be appropriate. You can also order a wreath of fresh flowers.

In this case, the presence of artificial flowers is alsoallowed at the flowers for funerals.They can be in the form of wreaths or bouquets. But most often, fresh flowersare carried to the funeral, as a tribute to the deceased. You can remove allthe flowers from the grave no earlier than forty days. This rule applies towreaths and bouquets of artificial flowers.

Flowers as a homage

If a person cannot personally attend the funeral, he orders the delivery of flowers in the form of a bouquet or a basket with a mourning ribbon. But the words of support and condolences must be said to relatives personally by telephone or by sending a telegram.

No matter what color shade will be chosen for the flowers for funerals, all the flowers will quickly fade and lose their brightness, since they are not placed in water at the cemetery, but simply placed on the grave. To preserve the color and freshness of the plants for a longer period, you can ask the florist to process the flowers with a special composition that protects the buds from fading.

However, it is believed that the fading of flowers on the grave has a positive effect on the deceased. When dying, flowers “share” their energy with those who have departed to another world and thus help the soul to calm down much earlier. Perhaps this is a myth, but we adhere to these traditions and strictly follow them.

In the future, the decoration of the grave is also of great importance for the family and friends of the deceased. As a rule, flowering plants are planted near the grave that delight the eye during the summer period, and with the onset of cold weather, ever-green plants such as thuja, yew or cypress are appropriate. You can often see mountain ash or birch planted near the grave. In any case, the choice of plants depends on the preferences of relatives, or it may be plants loved by the deceased during his lifetime.

The different types of flowers tooffer

The different types of flowers tooffer

To offer flowers is to convey a message from the heart. Likeflowers, choosing colors is also important. Thus, a flowered gift has a specialmeaning to the recipient according to the occasions. To be safe, here are thedifferent types of flowers by postto offer.

When a baby is born

In an occasion like the birth of a child, the bouquet should express happiness and joy. The Yellow is a bright color that symbolizes the enchantment. It will then choose flowers such as sunflowers, tulips, dahlias or daffodils.

The rose evokes tenderness and sweetness. This color can thus be inviting in the composition of a bouquet for a childbirth. We will not hesitate to buy roses, peonies or camellias as a birth gift.

At a romantic dinner

Is not there more romantic than offering roses at a dinner for two? The red roses are a safe bet for a declaration of love inflamed (also recommended for an appointment sexy). If it is necessary to give roses less than 10, it would be better to compose an odd number of flowers.

Moreover, the pink color is perfect to express his loyalty and sincere feelings to his beloved. Of course, the choice will be on pink roses. But there are also peonies in this color that are very pretty for this occasion.

At the funeral

It is not easy to choose flowers for bereavement. However, offering flowers for funerals allows to honor the memory of the deceased. In this case, there is nothing better than white flowers. It is possible to choose different types of flowers such as immortelles or carnations, but also roses and lilies. The black hellebores are also suitable for the occasion of this sad event.

Flower delivery is convenient and fast

You choose the bouquet that suits you and you pay the bill. You select the delivery and it is sent to the recipient as soon as possible. You are no longer forced to move around and waste time looking for a florist.

Choose the occasion for this bouquet of flowers

Previously, you had to look for an address and take the time to visit the florist. Internet brings you a maximum of comfort since it is enough to navigate on to find the bouquet of flowers which will fill your relatives. The platform is quite intuitive, you select the occasion as a party, an anniversary or a wedding and you get a list in line with this event.

The search is simplified thanks to some criteria

You can also refine the search with other criteria such as the budget, the dominant color in your bouquet of flowers, the preferred delivery method and it is also possible to display the least expensive compositions first. This is useful especially if you do not have time to navigate all the pages. There is also a section dedicated to bouquets of roses, several formats are available and they can be delivered with a gift. These are boxes that also adapt to occasions.

A delivery adapted to your needs

For Valentine’s Day, you have several red roses and chocolates or for a birthday the bouquet with several colors will be perfect since it comes with a box of beauty products. Regarding the delivery, several choices are possible, you have that at the florist creator who is near your home or that of the recipient. Some compositions are delivered by professionals on an appointment. With Internet, you can also bloom the interior of your house, your garden and your balcony without any difficulty.

Flowers and inflorescences – What is a flower?

Flowers and inflorescences – What is a flower?

 Generally, it isbisexual, that is, it bears both male and female reproductive organs.

The asda flowers consists of floral pieces inserted on a floral receptacle.

When the asda flowers is complete, it includes four whorls of floral pieces. From the outside to the inside, we meet:

– The chalice, formed by all the sepals,

– The corolla, formed by all the petals.

– The androecia, that is to say all the stamens (male part), which produce the pollen.

– The gynoecium or pistil, formed by all the carpels (female part).

Chalice and corolla form the periapt, a sterile envelope, which plays a protective role for fertile parts and attractive for pollinating animals.

 Types of flowers:

We distinguish different types of flowers according to:

  • • The chalice:
  • It is formed of sepals that can be free or welded together.
  • Free sepals
  • = dial sepal calyx
  • Ex: Common Ebonite
  • Sepals welded
  • = gamosépale chalice
  • Ex: Geranium Robert
  • He corolla:
  • It is formed of petals, which can also be free or welded.
  • Free petals
  • Ex: cinquefoil
  • Welded petals
  • = calyx gam petals
  • Ex: Campanula Rapunzel
  • Petal corolla with a spur
  • Ex: Violets of dogs

 Floral symmetry:

Regular asda flowers (actinomorphs) are symmetrical with respect to a center.

Irregular asda flowers (zygomorphs) have a bilateralsymmetry: they are symmetrical with respect to a plane.

Ex: Sainfoin


They are said to be “indefinite” when the bud that occupies the top of the central axis does not produce a flower (in this case, the growth is theoretically unlimited) and “defined “when the main axis carries a single flower at its end. . .

• Undefined simple inflorescences:

The main axis is in principle prolonged growth and the pedicels flowers are born directly on this axis. Flowering is progressively from the base to the top or from the outside to the inside.

We distinguish mainly:

  • G rape (or raceme)
  • The main axis carries flowers whose pedicels diminish inlength as one approaches the top of the axis.
  • Cluster with sessile flowers (that is to say withoutpedicel).
  • There are particular ears:
  • Spikelet (in the Phocaea)

Inflorescence carrying at base 2 bracts (glumes). Each flower is born in the armpit of 2 bracts. The spikelets are themselves grouped into inflorescences: on the cob if they are sessile, in clusters if they are pedunculated.

Kitten (in the trees)

Epi composed of unisexual flowers (thus we distinguish maleand female ears) fixed on a short, non-woody axis, coming from a bud on theligneous branch.

HOW TO GET RID OF WRINKLES? The first enemies are wrinkles.

HOW TO GET RID OF WRINKLES? The first enemies are wrinkles.

The skin, as an indicator of the whole organism, reflects external and internal stimuli. On the skin of a man can understand a lot.

Color, elasticity, resilience speak of age and the presence of health problems. Especially the face, being the center of attention, should be flawless, but wrinkles can directly prevent this. How to get rid of wrinkles? CAUSES OF WRINKLES AROUND THE EYES, FOREHEAD, NECK

Wrinkles have the appearance of folds on the skin, formed mainly as a result of aging and lack of intracellular moisture.
The off those following factors can contribute to the development of wrinkles:

Natural aging this is the main reason. With age, from 25 to 30 years, there is a decrease in collagen production in the skin, as well as hyaluronic acid. These components are responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin. CAUSES OF WRINKLES AROUND THE EYES, FOREHEAD, NECK

Wrinkles have the appearance of folds on the skin, formedmainly as a result of aging and lack of intracellular moisture… The followingfactors can contribute to the development of wrinkles and it can be avoided if consistentlyuse vitamin c face serum:

Natural aging this is the main reason. With age, from 25 to 30 years, there is a decrease in collagen production in the skin, as well as hyaluronic acid. These components are responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Salt of toxic products and are responsible for the aging of the body as a whole. With the help of antioxidants can cope with them. Antioxidants remove free radicals from the body, cleansing the body.

The following matters are also important for the skin complex: proper care (nutrition, cleansing, moisturizing), high-quality make-up removal, general exercise, healthy sleep, rest, comfortable head position on the pillow when you sleep, transferred infectious and non-infectious diseases, stress , nicotine and alcohol use, etc.

By adjusting your diet, you can speed up the process of getting rid of wrinkles. Drink plenty of pure water, add to your diet a variety of fruits. Fruits can also be used as masks.

FRUIT AND VEGETABLE MASKS to prepare the mask, use, for example, grapes. It is enough to take a couple of grapes from the refrigerator, cut, and rub the skin in the eye area with halves.

The special tightening properties of the grape will fight wrinkles around the eyes and under the eyes.

Another excellent fruit is avocado, used in many cosmetics. Rub a fresh avocado, and in the form of a compress distribute on the eyes, for 7 minutes, then wash with cold water. Avocado has a moisturizing effect, smoothes wrinkles.

Thinly sliced ​​rings of this vegetable moisten the area around the eyes, give shine and freshness. Just apply them for 15 minutes to your eyes.

Skin to resist wrinkles.

On summer days, do not forget to grab sunglasses, do not frown! Apply

Products that contain collagen and hyaluronic acid. Peeling – an indispensable procedure for the skin, improves regeneration, restores skin cells, rejuvenates, and removes wrinkles.

The chemical peeling gives a good effect, after it the skin becomes very smooth, the complexion improves, if the wrinkles are shallow – they practically disappear. The dermabrasion procedure is widely practiced, it can be of different types (laser, mechanical, diamond).

There is a polishing of the upper layer of the skin, renewed elasticity of the fibers of the skin, eliminates many shortcomings: age spots, scars, wrinkles. Such procedures can be carried out in any beauty salon, in consultation with your doctor.


In order for the skin of the neck to become more elastic, do a special set of exercises. In the presence of a balanced physical exercise, the muscles are in an active state and remove the prerequisites for the formation of wrinkles on the neck.

Before you begin, you need to lubricate your neck with a moisturizer or do a small massage with coconut oil to warm the skin. Then go to the exercises.

Here are the main ones:

Exercise “Cam”. Hold two jaws under your chin and press them firmly, feel the pressure in your muscles, hold on for a few seconds and repeat;

Exercise “Duck”. Extend the lower jaw as far forward as possible, and behind it the entire neck, lower the shoulders. Hold this position. Now, completely relax and do the same thing several times;

Exercise “Sword”. Having thrown back a head, widely open a mouth and try to get with a lower lip to a nose. Feel the tension along the neck. Count to five and do so six sets with a rest of a few seconds.

You have learned some methods how to get rid of wrinkles.

By following these guidelines, it will be easier to avoid the signs of aging. And do not despair, because a good mood all to the face!