Assessment Of The Property Complex

Assessment Of The Property Complex

Features of work on the assessment of the property complex of the enterprise

The property complex of the enterprise consists of a large number of objects that are diverse in their parameters and characteristics. Assessment of the property complex is a laborious and laborious process, even for experienced and professional appraisers. Evaluating large ICs, in order to optimize time and labor costs, and also to meet the promised deadlines, working groups of specialists are created within our company, each of which is entrusted with an assessment of a particular type of objects.

Depending on the tasks set by the customer, it is not always necessary to determine the market value of the IC. Often, appraisers are faced with the tasks, by definition:

  • Investment value is the future income that IC can bring
  • Liquidation value — market value minus the costs associated with immediate sale in bankruptcy or the need to pay the enterprise’s debts
  • Cadastral value – depending Infrastructure locations, site infrastructure, land use prices.

To obtain the most accurate result, our specialists evaluate IC from the point of view of all existing valuation approaches – profitable, costly, and comparative. Appraisers use complementary methods, resulting in a total picture of the value of the property complex.

This becomes possible because the market value of the property complex can be considered as the total cost of the individual components of IC, if they are sold separately.

We, as a result, get the general picture of the value of the property complex.

Independent property valuation and expertise:

Property Valuation:

One of the most popular valuation services today is the valuation of property of the enterprise. Every company today needs reliable information on the value of fixed assets in order to correctly reflect them in accounting, charge depreciation, and make very important management decisions.

The property of an enterprise includes real estate, machines, equipment, securities, intangible assets, and so on.

Assessment of property of the enterprise is carried out in the event that it is necessary:

  • Completeness and correctness of accounting;
  • make a sale transaction;
  • to lease the property or leasing;
  • get a loan;
  • develop strategies for further development and so on.

Having information about the real market value of the property of an enterprise, it is possible to perform an analysis of the efficiency of enterprise management, to take measures to improve management efficiency and so on.

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Our employees have extensive experience in carrying out such work, supported by a huge theoretical base, practical skills and abilities.

In our activities we use income, expenditure and comparative methods. This allows us to very accurately assess the value of the assets of enterprises.

Each of our conclusions are distinguished by professionalism, accuracy and validity of all data, all factors that could affect the final cost of the object of evaluation.

The valuation of the property complex is the valuation of the tangible assets of the enterprise and its liabilities, including land plots, production equipment, buildings and structures, communications and vehicles. In assessing the property complex.

An enterprise is a property complex that is used for business activities. The enterprise, as a property complex, includes all types of property that are intended for its activities: real estate, land, equipment, raw materials and materials, intangible assets, finished goods, etc.

Evaluation of an enterprise as a property complex means the definition in monetary terms of the value of an enterprise’s tangible assets as a combination of the values ​​of fixed assets and their interrelationships at the valuation date.

The valuation of the property complex is considered the most multifaceted and full-fledged type of valuation work in the field of business valuation and enterprise valuation. Estimation of the value of the property complex allows to calculate the value of the complex of property rights of a legal entity for objects that are on the balance sheet of the evaluated enterprise (business, company). In the process of an independent examination of the property complex can be considered as a set of objects that are owned by the company, or as an object of the rights of a legal entity. Assessment of the integral property complex- a complex, multidimensional, widely specialized process, in which, as a rule, appraisers from different areas are involved. Integral property complexes are enterprises and their structural subdivisions such as, a workshop, production, a site, etc., which can be separated in the established order into independent objects with the subsequent drawing up of an appropriate balance sheet and can be registered as independent business entities.


Property Valuation Method

Property Valuation Method

Independent assessment of property: carried out by independent experts at the request of the management of organizations and enterprises, in order to promote the business, to determine the value of enterprises and companies, and for other purposes;

Independent assessment of property on the basis of civil and legal agreements and court decisions: this is the case when the assessment of the property of an enterprise is made by independent experts on the basis of a court decision or in accordance with the provisions of the Legislation, the contract;

Internal assessment of the property of an enterprise: that type of assessment, when produced by its entrepreneurs and business leaders, the management of an enterprise – of its own accord and on its own, without the involvement of outside specialists and independent and state experts.

This is how the list of the main types by which the types of property valuations of enterprises are made from the point of view of its initiation is made. Specialists of the department for evaluating enterprises and businesses of our organization, NP “Federation of Judicial Experts”, have to solve many problems in this area, as with the development of the market, as well as business and industrial relations, Russian enterprises are increasingly in need of such an assessment and need it for various reasons, as mentioned above.

Now you can take a look at the separation of the ways of assessing the assets of enterprises from the point of view of the evaluation technology used. This list looks like this:

The market method, which includes property valuation on the basis of the income method, the cost method and the comparative method. Respectively:

  • The income method works with the planned prospects of income from the object;
  • Cost – calculates the cost of restoring or replacing the object;


determines the value of the enterprise, comparing it with other similar indicators for different indicators, and, finding the closest ones, offers to evaluate the object in the same way.

In addition, there are the following types of valuation of property of enterprises and methods of calculating the cost: There are other methods for determining the value of enterprises and their tangible and intangible assets. The use of one of the methods listed above is assigned in accordance with the goal set for the experts and for the assessment of the property itself. The objectives of such procedures as various types of valuation of property of enterprises are a separate topic that we will not have time to cover here.

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In any case, whatever you are interested in, all persons and organizations from the territory of the Russian Federation can contact us. The problems or successes of your production or enterprise become ours, then when we deal with your object. We offer not only to order all types of enterprise property valuations, but also to receive any detailed advice on these issues. Property valuation methods

Today, for the success of each enterprise, it is necessary to keep records of its general condition. For this purpose, you should order the services of a professional appraiser in determining the size of the property. Experts of the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “Center for Real Estate and Business Valuation”, which have already established the most effective property valuation methods, have been specializing in this field for many years.

Types of establishing the size of the state:

The practice of property valuation involves the selection of the most relevant research method from the existing three. So, there are three approaches to the study of the state of the company:

  • Cost type
  • Income approach
  • Market or comparative method
  • Features of the approaches

But it is worth noting that if we apply each of the methods separately, then each of them has its own tasks, goals and prospects for evaluation. Therefore, they cannot be mutually exclusive, but on the contrary, they will supplement each other.

The practice of property valuation allows the choice of two or three approaches for a full analysis of the situation. But at the same time, the type of value is of great importance, which is estimated. Thus, liquidation, market, consumer, or investment value may be subject to valuation.

History Of Real Estate Appraisal

History Of Real Estate Appraisal

In the real estate appraisal, NP “Federation of Judicial Experts” uses all modern knowledge in the field of trade and the real estate market, all the methodologies that exist for the most competent of such assessments. In particular, when calculating the cost, the following divisions are used between the types of the value of real estate of any type:

The market value is the amount for which the property owner would like to sell it, and the buyer (potential) would agree to purchase it. The following factors are taken into account. The owner is not obliged to sell the property, and the buyer – to purchase it. Both the owner and the potential buyer have an idea of ​​the value of the property. Thus, this sum consists of the combination of two estimates;

Replacement cost:

The amount for which at the market value of materials and production at the time of evaluation, you can fully reproduce the object of evaluation;

Initial cost:

The amount that was spent on the creation of the object or the purchase of the object at the time of the start of its operation;

Residual value:

The price of the object of evaluation, taking into account the degree of physical deterioration;

the price of the object for taxation is the value that is used to calculate the taxation on real estate;

Collateral value:

The amount that can be specified as the value of the object when granting a loan under it.

specially important is real estate valuation, such as calculating the cost of apartments, in large and medium-sized cities, where the real estate market is very active. Basically, as already noted, these are apartments that are a constant selling commodity for transactions of purchase, sale and exchange. Therefore, the procedure for appraising an apartment is constantly in demand – both at the time of the decision of the owner to find out its value, and when the time comes before the conclusion of a transaction with such an object.

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The history of real estate appraisal in Russia begins with the efforts of individuals, experts and companies. Then state institutions joined this activity, and this activity itself became regulated by legislative acts. In 1998, in Russia, the Law on Appraisal Activities regulated the main points of interaction between the appraiser and the customer of real estate appraisal. Today in this activity there are two main areas:

determining the value of objects for private owners and buyers;

determining the value of objects for the needs of state structures.

In addition to the federal legislation on appraisal activities, the regulations for the conduct of various appraisals of real estate and apartments are influenced by regulations and points of local federal legislation at the place of the appraisal activity. Today, there are many public and private services that offer such assessments.

Among other similar innovations, the possibility of evaluating such real estate is also developing with the help of online consultations and special sites. On them, each of the visitors has the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire, which indicates the basic data of the object. Online experts are primarily interested in the basic parameters of housing, which play a crucial role in the formation of prices for apartments on the Russian market. Minor signs can be specified separately, and affect the cost within a few percent.

Such an assessment of real estate with the help of online services in many cases may be faster and cheaper than all other ways to find out its market value. However, the most reliable method of obtaining accurate information still remains to apply for services to such organizations as the NP “Federation of Judicial Experts”. Based on many factors, you will be informed of the most adequate information about what the value of the object is, not only at the moment, but also in the near future.

Often, in the process of dividing jointly acquired property, it becomes necessary to conduct an assessment. Although family law does not classify the evaluation procedure as compulsory, it is sometimes impossible to do without it — for example, if the evaluation report has evidence in court.

Property Rights.

Property Rights.

Property –

a collection of things that are owned by an individual or legal entity (including money, securities) as well as their property rights.

The objects of evaluation in this case are:

  1. Objects of real estate.
  2. Organizations, enterprises, companies, firms.
  3. Securities, shares.
  4. Industrial equipment.
  5. . Automobile, river, air transport.
  6. Objects of intellectual property, etc.

Why you need to contact us?

The specialists of the Center are FREE to advise all clients and help to understand the situation.

Reports on the evaluation of experts of the Center are the basis for making court decisions.

Before delivering the result to the Customer, each Report is checked by the Center’s lawyers.

In our state, only professional appraisers with higher education and work experience of at least 10 years work.

The evaluators of the Center are part of the SRO, their responsibility and the responsibility of the Center are insured in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The cost of property valuation starts from 2 thousand rubles and directly depends on the scope of work and the object of evaluation.

Legacy is not only an acquisition, but also some expenses. In addition to the fact that together with the property rights to the heir, the testator’s obligations are often transferred, and he also incurs expenses related to the inheritance procedure. For example, the amount of the state fee directly depends on the total value of the inheritance, which is determined by the assessment.

Thus, the evaluation of inheritance property is one of the most important stages of the inheritance procedure. Many heirs do not quite clearly understand why it is needed, who can carry out appraisal work, what documents are needed for this, what costs in connection with this will have to be incurred. This article will answer all these questions. Thus, the main purpose of assessing inheritance property is the execution of a document that is necessary for the correct calculation of state duty. Without it, the heir will not receive a certificate of inheritance.

Not only real estate (house, apartment, dacha, land plot) should be evaluated, but also other property specified in the will or inherited by law, if the ownership of it is subject to state registration, for example…

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Real estate (residential and non-residential);


  1. Securities;
  2. Valuable movable property;
  3. Weapon;
  4. Intellectual property;
  5. Legislation

All issues related to the evaluation of inheritance property are regulated by the provisions of the Constitution, civil and tax laws, as well as certain federal laws and government acts, in particular:

Who conducts the evaluation?

As a rule, the inheritance is not one property (apartment, garage, car), but a property complex. Therefore, the heirs have to apply to various specialized bodies and organizations – to assess each type of property.

According to the legislation, the assessment can be conducted…

State bodies and organizations, the law vested with the authority to conduct an appraisal;

Private independent organizations licensed to conduct valuation activities’ order to obtain information on the cadastral value of the hereditary property, the heir may use the electronic resource of Rosiest:

Fill in the application form on the site and order an extract about the value of the property;

Find the property on the map, indicating the cadastral number, obtain information on cadastral value and other characteristics;

Download an electronic document – an evaluation report with the results of the cadastral valuation and information on the value of the property.

In addition, the heir can apply directly to the Federal Cadaster Chamber of Rosreestra. Within 5 working days after submitting the request, the heir will be issued a document on the cadastral value of the hereditary property. A notary must accept the information received as a document for calculating the state duty.


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