History Of Real Estate Appraisal

In the real estate appraisal, NP “Federation of Judicial Experts” uses all modern knowledge in the field of trade and the real estate market, all the methodologies that exist for the most competent of such assessments. In particular, when calculating the cost, the following divisions are used between the types of the value of real estate of any type:

The market value is the amount for which the property owner would like to sell it, and the buyer (potential) would agree to purchase it. The following factors are taken into account. The owner is not obliged to sell the property, and the buyer – to purchase it. Both the owner and the potential buyer have an idea of ​​the value of the property. Thus, this sum consists of the combination of two estimates;

Replacement cost:

The amount for which at the market value of materials and production at the time of evaluation, you can fully reproduce the object of evaluation;

Initial cost:

The amount that was spent on the creation of the object or the purchase of the object at the time of the start of its operation;

Residual value:

The price of the object of evaluation, taking into account the degree of physical deterioration;

the price of the object for taxation is the value that is used to calculate the taxation on real estate;

Collateral value:

The amount that can be specified as the value of the object when granting a loan under it.

specially important is real estate valuation, such as calculating the cost of apartments, in large and medium-sized cities, where the real estate market is very active. Basically, as already noted, these are apartments that are a constant selling commodity for transactions of purchase, sale and exchange. Therefore, the procedure for appraising an apartment is constantly in demand – both at the time of the decision of the owner to find out its value, and when the time comes before the conclusion of a transaction with such an object.

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The history of real estate appraisal in Russia begins with the efforts of individuals, experts and companies. Then state institutions joined this activity, and this activity itself became regulated by legislative acts. In 1998, in Russia, the Law on Appraisal Activities regulated the main points of interaction between the appraiser and the customer of real estate appraisal. Today in this activity there are two main areas:

determining the value of objects for private owners and buyers;

determining the value of objects for the needs of state structures.

In addition to the federal legislation on appraisal activities, the regulations for the conduct of various appraisals of real estate and apartments are influenced by regulations and points of local federal legislation at the place of the appraisal activity. Today, there are many public and private services that offer such assessments.

Among other similar innovations, the possibility of evaluating such real estate is also developing with the help of online consultations and special sites. On them, each of the visitors has the opportunity to fill out a questionnaire, which indicates the basic data of the object. Online experts are primarily interested in the basic parameters of housing, which play a crucial role in the formation of prices for apartments on the Russian market. Minor signs can be specified separately, and affect the cost within a few percent.

Such an assessment of real estate with the help of online services in many cases may be faster and cheaper than all other ways to find out its market value. However, the most reliable method of obtaining accurate information still remains to apply for services to such organizations as the NP “Federation of Judicial Experts”. Based on many factors, you will be informed of the most adequate information about what the value of the object is, not only at the moment, but also in the near future.

Often, in the process of dividing jointly acquired property, it becomes necessary to conduct an assessment. Although family law does not classify the evaluation procedure as compulsory, it is sometimes impossible to do without it — for example, if the evaluation report has evidence in court.

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