How to make a bouquet of fresh flowers – tips from experienced florists

In each case there are secrets, mastering which a person becomes a professional. The art of floristics is not only knowing the rules of combining plants, making compositions. This ability to reveal the characteristics of each flower and present it in the most favorable light. If you love and feel the flowers, you will surely master the art of making beautiful compositions. Knowing some rules will help you. Consider how to make a bouquet.

What to consider when composing compositions
In order for the bouquet to be delightful and fit the occasion, it is advisable to adhere to the following rules:

Consider the gender of the person for whom the composition is being compiled. Women’s bouquets are round, men’s – elongated. The size of the composition is different and depends on the case.
In drawing up the bouquet, observe the color combination of buds. Use no more than three shades. Violet lilac will not look red or yellow tulips. It is better to use white and pink tulips when composing the composition. They will help create a delicate spring bouquet . A successful addition to this composition will be the branches of white or lilac hyacinth. Such a bouquet in the frame of a soft pink grid will cause admiration.
Carefully consider the selection of plants composition. Some of them are incompatible and suppress each other. Make compositions of loyal plants to each other. Then the bouquet will remain fresh for a long time and please others.
It is important to properly prepare the material before making the composition. For this, it is necessary to make oblique cuts on the stems, place the plants for several hours in water and then form a bouquet.
For the design of the bouquet will suit any material corresponding to the general concept of composition. It is important not to overload with all sorts of additional details and remember that the decor is used only to give completeness and style.

How to make a composition of several plants

Bouquets of several types of m&s flowers by post look impressive. They delight the eye with diversity and surprising combinatorialness, when incompatible plants converge in one place. This is the art and talent of the florist – to make a delightful creation in an unusual way. For those who are just learning to make a bouquet of fresh flowers, let’s tell you a few simple rules:

Correctly distribute the color of the buds. On the edge of the bouquet are bright flowers with a small bud, and bright and dark will form the center of the composition.
Excess greenery can spoil the bouquet. A small leaf of a palm tree or a little fluffy asparagus will successfully fit into the concept of composition. Greens should not be higher than other flowers. In this case, it will attract attention and this will put the wrong emphasis.
Before creating a composition, think over the concept of whether it will be a bouquet of wildflowers or exotic. Agree, the composition of daisies and lilies of the valley in combination with irises will look ridiculous.
To make the bouquet look beautiful for a long time, use buds with varying degrees of openness: closed, barely opened and fully bloomed.
The language of flowers, or what plants say
To know how to correctly collect a bouquet to the occasion, you need to know the language of flowers. Plants can speak for us. It is important to understand them correctly.

If you want to tell about your admiration, beautiful camellias and lilies will make it for you.
If you were given mimosa, know that the donor feels tender feelings for you, but carefully hides them.
Roses, tulips and white irises will tell you about love for you.
Yellow carnations hint to the contrary – you fell out of love.
Majestic chrysanthemums and fragrant hyacinths show respect for the giver.
If you were presented with a bouquet of chrysanthemums and orchids, be aware that they appreciate communication with you.
And lilac is given as a sign of great respect and former love.
Of course, you can give any flowers that you like, and invest in them your own, unknown meaning. But still, before ordering flowers from a florist, ask which one he recommends a bouquet for your occasion.

The undisputed leader among the flowers is a gorgeous rose . If you decide to make a composition of these flowers, florists offer the following bouquets:

Impromptu. Make a composition that you like best. Such a beautiful flower like a rose looks great in any composition.
Unilateral. To create it uses a large sheet, for example, fern. Roses are laid on it in tiers.
Ball. Such a bouquet looks magnificent. It should be remembered here that darker buds are placed in the center of the composition, and lighter ones on the edge. A minimum amount of extra greenery and stems wrapped in satin ribbon will complete the composition.

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