over the years, I have considerably lightened my luggage to carry only one piece of cabin luggage even for a 3 week stay in Japan! However, I do not want to draw a line on my femininity or the fact of having pretty outfits to go to a chic restaurant for example! In this article, I give you all my little tips to lighten your suitcase.

Why travel light?

This is the first question I asked myself. Why not take a huge suitcase filled to the brim and do not take the head to make choices!

First of all because I am a follower of road trips and often I change accommodation very often (every day or 2 days max). So, take out your huge suitcase from the car, carry it, if there are stairs as for example in some hotels or some stations, it quickly becomes very tiring.

The 2nd reason is for me paramount: with a cabin baggage, finished the waiting interminable at the airport to put it in the hold. No need to arrive 3 hours before, to make a monstrous tail and on arrival, we can get off the plane with no waiting either!

My 8 secrets revealed

The storage you will optimize

The first technique is to develop a storage worthy of an expert. It is imperative to find the most appropriate storage technique for your luggage. For my part I opted for the packing set Eagle Creek brand : different sizes can store his clothes, underwear and shoes and nestle them as in Tetris ^^ So the saving of space is considerable

The right clothes you will choose

The choice of clothes is also an element to take into account. You want at all costs to take your new yellow dress that you can only match with a pair of shoes and a single jacket. Forget! You have to choose sober clothes (neutral colors in priority such as black, blue or gray) that you can mix together. It is essential to form different outfits with few clothes and not have the feeling of being always dressed in the same way.

The ultra-light jacket will take you

For colder destinations, I plan a coat but not just any: I chose a jacket ultra-light that folds in his little bundle. It is super convenient because it takes up very little space. A lot of brands now offer: I think Compotes des Colonizers, Union, K-Way, …

Good now if you go to Canada in the middle of winter, you will probably have to find another solution ^^ If the temperatures are cool, as was the case for example when I slept with the monks at Mount Koya (3 ° C in the morning), I planned a thermolactyl underwear that could keep me warm.

The little shoes you will choose

For shoes, I put the biggest pair at my feet during transport. This is most often sneakers, comfortable and essential for any trip. In my suitcase, I opt for a pair of soft ballerinas that take up very little space or for sneakers rather chic that I can put in the day as the evening.

The washing you will do

No need to bring all his wardrobe, remember that we can also wash his clothes on a trip! If you are in a good hotel, there is necessarily a cleaning service while if you are in an Airbnb apartment, there is often a washing machine (remember to check this point before making your reservation!). Otherwise there is always the pressings!

Small bottles you will take

For toiletries, I take very small packs. In the first place because in a cabin baggage I must not exceed 100ml per bottle, but also to save space. You will find in Para pharmacies a shelf with small packaging made This is Luxury Travel.

The superfluous you will avoid

When I pack my bags, I diligently consult the weather and I do not take anything “just in case”  ! I am planning clothes that are adapted to the temperatures and climate of the destination I’m traveling to. Remember that you can buy things on the spot. If for example it is colder than expected, nothing prevents you from buying an extra pull to overcome this. It is often destabilizing to spend money on things you already have at home, but you always have to bring it back to the overall price of your stay and say it’s the price you pay for traveling light.

For my part, the only thing I bought by necessity while traveling was a pair of gloves during my road trip in the American West before riding a horse and where the thermometer indicated

The books you will replace

My books and travel guides have been replaced by a Kindle! A considerable space saving especially if like me you read several books in parallel!

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