Perennial flowers for giving and a catalog with names

To create a flower bed in the garden, you need to work hard. Significantly reduce the time and effort on planting annuals flower garden will help, where perennial flowers grow. From year to year, they emerge as soon as it gets warmer, in its former place, they easily experience winter conditions and do not require annual disembarkation.

Benefits of Perennials

Some growers prefer annual crops because they have unique colors. But many choose perennial asda flowers. These plants for the garden plot have the following advantages:

  • Do not need a transplant for about two years.
  • Capable of withstanding slight freezing.
  • Do not require special care.
  • Looks great throughout the warm season.
  • Used to create flower beds and flower beds, as well as in landscape design.
  • Planting perennials is done in three ways: onions, roots, seeds. You can land in large quantities, making out composition, because in the coming years, these actions will not be repeated.
  • Cultivation of perennials is cheaper, reproduction occurs due to the separation of the plant into several parts.
  • Classification and varieties of perennials
  • Perennial plants are able to create unique landscape compositions , if properly selected. Such a flowerbed, depending on the season and the month, will change its color palette and even an ornament. Such a garden plot will be the pride of any florist.

The greatest effect is able to create tiers of flowers when the flower garden is created taking into account the height of the plants. For adult plants, a classification of garden crops is carried out, where their growth is taken into account. There are four main groups of perennial flowers that can grow in a garden:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Curly.

Undersized flowers

Perennial flowers are considered small plants, the height of which does not exceed 30 cm . Borders, stony gardens and flower beds are often drawn up with such species; they look especially beautiful when the culture goes into the flowering phase. Unpretentious long-term flowers are used to give, when you want to decorate the lawn with carpet. Such coatings successfully hide all the irregularities of the soil, are also very economical, if you look from the point of view of labor costs and finances. To get a live carpet, you should plant flowers close to each other. Low-growing perennial plants are very diverse, but the following items are most in demand:
Pansies. These flowers are very beautiful and are considered unpretentious, because they

do not require special care. They are pleasing to the eye all summer, and in some warm regions a year-round variety of shades and their combinations. They are in perfect harmony with tall and medium-sized samples, emphasizing their beauty.
Periwinkle This plant can withstand frost in the cold season and shade in the warm. Can grow on any soil. It is used in rock gardens and rock compositions. A wide pink or blue carpet looks great.
Phloxes are magnificent decorative flowers with bright shades of white and scarlet. Well proven in landscape design, when you create a beautiful flower carpet, whose height is not more than 20 cm. These cultures feel good in fertile, abundantly moist lands. When planting should be noted that in 1 square. meter has up to six plants.
Gentian is a delightful tenderness plant, forming beautiful blue-blue flowers resembling bells. It pleases the eye with its flowering from the end of June to the end of August. Indispensable when creating hills and rock gardens, as it grows in nature in the mountains. Its genus includes more than 400 species.

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