Property Rights.

Property –

a collection of things that are owned by an individual or legal entity (including money, securities) as well as their property rights.

The objects of evaluation in this case are:

  1. Objects of real estate.
  2. Organizations, enterprises, companies, firms.
  3. Securities, shares.
  4. Industrial equipment.
  5. . Automobile, river, air transport.
  6. Objects of intellectual property, etc.

Why you need to contact us?

The specialists of the Center are FREE to advise all clients and help to understand the situation.

Reports on the evaluation of experts of the Center are the basis for making court decisions.

Before delivering the result to the Customer, each Report is checked by the Center’s lawyers.

In our state, only professional appraisers with higher education and work experience of at least 10 years work.

The evaluators of the Center are part of the SRO, their responsibility and the responsibility of the Center are insured in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The cost of property valuation starts from 2 thousand rubles and directly depends on the scope of work and the object of evaluation.

Legacy is not only an acquisition, but also some expenses. In addition to the fact that together with the property rights to the heir, the testator’s obligations are often transferred, and he also incurs expenses related to the inheritance procedure. For example, the amount of the state fee directly depends on the total value of the inheritance, which is determined by the assessment.

Thus, the evaluation of inheritance property is one of the most important stages of the inheritance procedure. Many heirs do not quite clearly understand why it is needed, who can carry out appraisal work, what documents are needed for this, what costs in connection with this will have to be incurred. This article will answer all these questions. Thus, the main purpose of assessing inheritance property is the execution of a document that is necessary for the correct calculation of state duty. Without it, the heir will not receive a certificate of inheritance.

Not only real estate (house, apartment, dacha, land plot) should be evaluated, but also other property specified in the will or inherited by law, if the ownership of it is subject to state registration, for example…

Check for more read:

Real estate (residential and non-residential);


  1. Securities;
  2. Valuable movable property;
  3. Weapon;
  4. Intellectual property;
  5. Legislation

All issues related to the evaluation of inheritance property are regulated by the provisions of the Constitution, civil and tax laws, as well as certain federal laws and government acts, in particular:

Who conducts the evaluation?

As a rule, the inheritance is not one property (apartment, garage, car), but a property complex. Therefore, the heirs have to apply to various specialized bodies and organizations – to assess each type of property.

According to the legislation, the assessment can be conducted…

State bodies and organizations, the law vested with the authority to conduct an appraisal;

Private independent organizations licensed to conduct valuation activities’ order to obtain information on the cadastral value of the hereditary property, the heir may use the electronic resource of Rosiest:

Fill in the application form on the site and order an extract about the value of the property;

Find the property on the map, indicating the cadastral number, obtain information on cadastral value and other characteristics;

Download an electronic document – an evaluation report with the results of the cadastral valuation and information on the value of the property.

In addition, the heir can apply directly to the Federal Cadaster Chamber of Rosreestra. Within 5 working days after submitting the request, the heir will be issued a document on the cadastral value of the hereditary property. A notary must accept the information received as a document for calculating the state duty.


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