Property Valuation Method

Independent assessment of property: carried out by independent experts at the request of the management of organizations and enterprises, in order to promote the business, to determine the value of enterprises and companies, and for other purposes;

Independent assessment of property on the basis of civil and legal agreements and court decisions: this is the case when the assessment of the property of an enterprise is made by independent experts on the basis of a court decision or in accordance with the provisions of the Legislation, the contract;

Internal assessment of the property of an enterprise: that type of assessment, when produced by its entrepreneurs and business leaders, the management of an enterprise – of its own accord and on its own, without the involvement of outside specialists and independent and state experts.

This is how the list of the main types by which the types of property valuations of enterprises are made from the point of view of its initiation is made. Specialists of the department for evaluating enterprises and businesses of our organization, NP “Federation of Judicial Experts”, have to solve many problems in this area, as with the development of the market, as well as business and industrial relations, Russian enterprises are increasingly in need of such an assessment and need it for various reasons, as mentioned above.

Now you can take a look at the separation of the ways of assessing the assets of enterprises from the point of view of the evaluation technology used. This list looks like this:

The market method, which includes property valuation on the basis of the income method, the cost method and the comparative method. Respectively:

  • The income method works with the planned prospects of income from the object;
  • Cost – calculates the cost of restoring or replacing the object;


determines the value of the enterprise, comparing it with other similar indicators for different indicators, and, finding the closest ones, offers to evaluate the object in the same way.

In addition, there are the following types of valuation of property of enterprises and methods of calculating the cost: There are other methods for determining the value of enterprises and their tangible and intangible assets. The use of one of the methods listed above is assigned in accordance with the goal set for the experts and for the assessment of the property itself. The objectives of such procedures as various types of valuation of property of enterprises are a separate topic that we will not have time to cover here.

Check for more detail:

In any case, whatever you are interested in, all persons and organizations from the territory of the Russian Federation can contact us. The problems or successes of your production or enterprise become ours, then when we deal with your object. We offer not only to order all types of enterprise property valuations, but also to receive any detailed advice on these issues. Property valuation methods

Today, for the success of each enterprise, it is necessary to keep records of its general condition. For this purpose, you should order the services of a professional appraiser in determining the size of the property. Experts of the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “Center for Real Estate and Business Valuation”, which have already established the most effective property valuation methods, have been specializing in this field for many years.

Types of establishing the size of the state:

The practice of property valuation involves the selection of the most relevant research method from the existing three. So, there are three approaches to the study of the state of the company:

  • Cost type
  • Income approach
  • Market or comparative method
  • Features of the approaches

But it is worth noting that if we apply each of the methods separately, then each of them has its own tasks, goals and prospects for evaluation. Therefore, they cannot be mutually exclusive, but on the contrary, they will supplement each other.

The practice of property valuation allows the choice of two or three approaches for a full analysis of the situation. But at the same time, the type of value is of great importance, which is estimated. Thus, liquidation, market, consumer, or investment value may be subject to valuation.

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