The Colors of Cleveland – What to Visit in Cleveland? The Traditions, Festivals and Mentality of the Locals.

The main feature of the nature of the inhabitants of Cleveland can be considered indifferent attitude to the most different aspects of modern culture and creativity. For many years, the city regularly hosts festivals and festivals dedicated to modern cinema, music, photo art and painting, and Cleveland is also famous for its gastronomic festivals.

 Residents of various states and many foreign guests take part in such holidays.

The annual Avant-Garde Art & Craft Show is held in various cities in Ohio and is dedicated to the craft and artistic traditions of the region. Usually, this festival is held in November; talented artists, designers and photographers take part in it.

 The main events of this festival are all sorts of exhibitions, admission to which is absolutely free. Visitors can buy all the crafts and works of art presented at such exhibitions, for tourists they are an excellent way to choose unique souvenirs.

What to Visit in Cleveland? about Traditions Most interesting entertainment and traditional fun spend in Cleveland on the eve of Christmas and New Year? In the last week of November, the traditional winter festival Cleveland Winterfest starts, the center of which is the main city square. For a whole month, the square is decorated with luxurious illumination, there are open cafes and numerous souvenir shops. Every evening the square turns into the busiest and most populous place in the city.

 Locals come here to buy their favorite sweets, admire the thousands of lights of garlands and choose interesting gifts for loved ones. In the pre-holiday period, street performers and musicians often perform on the square.

What to visit in Cleveland on new year celebrations One of the most unusual festivals that are held in the pre-New Year period is the Ugly Sweater Run. Traditionally, Cleveland residents never throw away their old worn sweaters, they know that once old clothes will come in handy for them to have a lot of fun. One of the December days in the city arrange a race, in which everyone can participate.

The only prerequisite for participation is the use of the old sweater as outerwear. All participants, who safely reach the finish line, will be able to participate in the competition for the ugliest sweater. This festival is also accompanied by festive treats, pyrotechnic shows and other interesting competitions.

Even in the age of modern technology, Cleveland residents are not indifferent to books; a family reading festival called the Akron Family Reading Festival is regularly held here. During the days of this festival, special platforms are opened in the downtown area, where anyone can bring unnecessary books from the home library.

On such book collapses, you can completely choose new books for free, many locals spend their days searching for their favorite literature. It is not by chance that the festival is called family, and children are always actively attracted to participate in it.

The diversity of festivals and public entertainment programs, Cleveland is not easy to find equal, interesting holidays in the city spend literally every month. In the warm season, music and comedy festivals became traditional. Scenes for artists are set up in the open air right on the territory of city parks and squares, entrance to concerts is usually completely free.

It is important to note that residents of the city will never leave such entertainment indifferent, even the performance of an unknown musical group will certainly bring together several hundred spectators. For the people of Cleveland, social life is very important, they love and know how to have fun. And they are distinguished by the love of beautiful and delicious food.

 The wine festival, the Beer Festival, the annual confectioners’ competitions, the days of Italian cuisine and the festivals dedicated to classic American fast food are also a significant part of the cultural calendar.

In this city it will be interesting to spend a few days for creative people and everyone who is not indifferent to modern art in its most diverse manifestations. Here such people will certainly meet with mutual understanding and find interesting entertainment for themselves. Festivals of tattoos and body art, art and photo exhibitions have become quite familiar events for Cleveland.

 It is surprising that such entertainments also attract older people, who also try to keep up with the times. It is not by chance that Cleveland is distinguished among thousands of American cities; this city really has a unique soul and cultural traditions.

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