What flowers are forfunerals?

Feature of the bouquet for the funeral. Bouquet design. Flowers as a homage.

Each of us, sooner or later, suffers from all the pain and irreplaceability of the loss of a loved one. It is not surprising that a person who was shocked was confused and could not independently observe the observance of all the customs and rituals necessary for the funeral. Flowers for funerals – one of the essential components, through which we express our feelings – grief, pain of loss, respect for the deceased.

Feature of drawing up a flowers for funerals

The ritual of the burial of a person imposes a special imprint on everything connected with it. The choice of flower arrangement is no exception. There are a number of recommendations that should be known and should be adhered to in order not to violate etiquette and not to offend the relatives of the deceased unknowingly:

The very first rule for our culture is that in the composition for the funeral there should be an even number of colors from two to ten;

The bouquets themselves should not be bright, the shades of the petals are muffled, since the funeral is a sad event, and the diversity in the composition is inappropriate;

The closest relatives can give flowers, which the deceased preferred during his lifetime, or red roses as a symbol of love and consanguinity;

All flowers bought for the funeral must be brought to the cemetery, they must not be left at home or thrown on the road.

There are no special rules when choosing flowers that can be brought to the funeral. It all depends on what I would like to express with the help of the bouquet of the deceased. It is very difficult at this moment to find the right words to honor the memory of a person and express his condolences to the relatives and friends of the deceased. And with the help of colors you can express all your emotions and feelings. Professional florists can help in this difficult task. They will not only advise those flowers that correspond to this event, but also prompt how to arrange the composition for the funeral.

Bouquet design

There is a special approach to the design of such a bouquet. Any packaging containing flowers in the store should be removed. Packaging will save flowers from damage and from cold, if it is winter, but it is no longer needed at the cemetery. No decorations are allowed, except for a black or gold ribbon with words of grief and respect for the deceased.

What flowers are carried to the funeral depends on what I would like to express with the help of a bouquet, and the financial condition of everyone who came to honor the memory of the deceased. There are some differences in the choice of plants for the composition, depending on the gender of the departed world:

For men, choose roses, callas, carnations and gladioli. The florist will help to determine the color scheme, but blue tones are preferable – a symbol of sorrow and grief, red (only not roses, if you are not a relative), white color personifies divine principle and purity.

Women bring roses, orchids, lilies, chrysanthemums. The color scheme is also unacceptable variegation, therefore, mono-bouquets of pink, white, yellow tones are universal.

White buds are usually brought to children – a symbol of purity and innocence. Permissible pink petals in buds for young girls.

Flowers can be put in the coffin while it is open, but before closing the coffin it is necessary to take out all the flowers and place them on the grave with buds to the gravestone cross. A basket with flowers tied with a mourning ribbon will also be appropriate. You can also order a wreath of fresh flowers.

In this case, the presence of artificial flowers is alsoallowed at the flowers for funerals.They can be in the form of wreaths or bouquets. But most often, fresh flowersare carried to the funeral, as a tribute to the deceased. You can remove allthe flowers from the grave no earlier than forty days. This rule applies towreaths and bouquets of artificial flowers.

Flowers as a homage

If a person cannot personally attend the funeral, he orders the delivery of flowers in the form of a bouquet or a basket with a mourning ribbon. But the words of support and condolences must be said to relatives personally by telephone or by sending a telegram.

No matter what color shade will be chosen for the flowers for funerals, all the flowers will quickly fade and lose their brightness, since they are not placed in water at the cemetery, but simply placed on the grave. To preserve the color and freshness of the plants for a longer period, you can ask the florist to process the flowers with a special composition that protects the buds from fading.

However, it is believed that the fading of flowers on the grave has a positive effect on the deceased. When dying, flowers “share” their energy with those who have departed to another world and thus help the soul to calm down much earlier. Perhaps this is a myth, but we adhere to these traditions and strictly follow them.

In the future, the decoration of the grave is also of great importance for the family and friends of the deceased. As a rule, flowering plants are planted near the grave that delight the eye during the summer period, and with the onset of cold weather, ever-green plants such as thuja, yew or cypress are appropriate. You can often see mountain ash or birch planted near the grave. In any case, the choice of plants depends on the preferences of relatives, or it may be plants loved by the deceased during his lifetime.

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